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Academic Article Arterial spin-label imaging in patients with normal bolus perfusion-weighted MR imaging findings: pilot identification of the borderzone sign.
Academic Article Continuous arterial spin labeled perfusion magnetic resonance imaging in patients before and after carotid endarterectomy.
Academic Article Combined T2* and T1 measurements for improved perfusion and permeability studies in high field using dynamic contrast enhancement.
Academic Article Sensitivity calibration with a uniform magnetization image to improve arterial spin labeling perfusion quantification.
Academic Article Perfusion magnetic resonance imaging with continuous arterial spin labeling: methods and clinical applications in the central nervous system.
Academic Article Volumetric measurement of perfusion and arterial transit delay using hadamard encoded continuous arterial spin labeling.
Academic Article Continuous arterial spin labeling perfusion magnetic resonance imaging findings in postpartum vasculopathy.
Academic Article Modified pulsed continuous arterial spin labeling for labeling of a single artery.
Academic Article Blood flow quantification of the human retina with MRI.
Academic Article Reduced resolution transit delay prescan for quantitative continuous arterial spin labeling perfusion imaging.
Academic Article In vivo estimation of the flow-driven adiabatic inversion efficiency for continuous arterial spin labeling: a method using phase contrast magnetic resonance angiography.
Academic Article Association of blood pressure elevation and nocturnal dipping with brain atrophy, perfusion and functional measures in stroke and nonstroke individuals.
Academic Article Pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling at very high magnetic field (11.75 T) for high-resolution mouse brain perfusion imaging.
Academic Article Time-resolved vessel-selective digital subtraction MR angiography of the cerebral vasculature with arterial spin labeling.
Concept Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Academic Article A selective insular perfusion deficit contributes to compromised salience network connectivity in recovering alcoholic men.
Academic Article Recommended implementation of arterial spin-labeled perfusion MRI for clinical applications: A consensus of the ISMRM perfusion study group and the European consortium for ASL in dementia.
Academic Article Volumetric Arterial Spin-labeled Perfusion Imaging of the Kidneys with a Three-dimensional Fast Spin Echo Acquisition.
Academic Article Quantifying fluctuations of resting state networks using arterial spin labeling perfusion MRI.
Academic Article Effects of arterial transit delay on cerebral blood flow quantification using arterial spin labeling in an elderly cohort.
Academic Article Improving the robustness of pseudo-continuous arterial spin labeling to off-resonance and pulsatile flow velocity.
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