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Academic Article Quantitative sensory testing and mapping: a review of nonautomated quantitative methods for examination of the patient with neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Sleep disorders and their association with laboratory pain sensitivity in temporomandibular joint disorder.
Concept Hyperalgesia
Academic Article The relationship of sex and clinical pain to experimental pain responses.
Academic Article Self-reported sleep duration associated with distraction analgesia, hyperemia, and secondary hyperalgesia in the heat-capsaicin nociceptive model.
Academic Article Value of quantitative sensory testing in neurological and pain disorders: NeuPSIG consensus.
Academic Article Disrupted brain circuitry for pain-related reward/punishment in fibromyalgia.
Academic Article Reply: To PMID 24449585.
Academic Article The lateral prefrontal cortex mediates the hyperalgesic effects of negative cognitions in chronic pain patients.
Academic Article Review of the performance of quantitative sensory testing methods to detect hyperalgesia in chronic pain patients on long-term opioids.
Academic Article Distress Intolerance and Prescription Opioid Misuse Among Patients With Chronic Pain.
Academic Article Variability in conditioned pain modulation predicts response to NSAID treatment in patients with knee osteoarthritis.
Grant Opioid-induced change in pain sensitivity and modulation: Links to opioid misuse
Academic Article Disease-Related, Nondisease-Related, and Situational Catastrophizing in Sickle Cell Disease and Its Relationship With Pain.
Academic Article The relationship between catastrophizing and altered pain sensitivity in patients with chronic low-back pain.
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  • Hyperalgesia
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