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Academic Article Glial inhibition of CNS axon regeneration.
Academic Article The Nogo signaling pathway for regeneration block.
Academic Article Oligodendrocyte-myelin glycoprotein is a Nogo receptor ligand that inhibits neurite outgrowth.
Academic Article PTEN/mTOR and axon regeneration.
Academic Article Neuronal intrinsic barriers for axon regeneration in the adult CNS.
Academic Article Intrinsic control of axon regeneration.
Academic Article PKC mediates inhibitory effects of myelin and chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans on axonal regeneration.
Academic Article Neuronal intrinsic mechanisms of axon regeneration.
Academic Article Sustained axon regeneration induced by co-deletion of PTEN and SOCS3.
Academic Article Regenerative medicine: drawing breath after spinal injury.
Academic Article EGFR activation mediates inhibition of axon regeneration by myelin and chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans.
Academic Article Signaling mechanisms of the myelin inhibitors of axon regeneration.
Academic Article Axon regeneration: electrical silencing is a condition for regrowth.
Academic Article No simpler than mammals: axon and dendrite regeneration in Drosophila.
Academic Article A TNF receptor family member, TROY, is a coreceptor with Nogo receptor in mediating the inhibitory activity of myelin inhibitors.
Academic Article Promoting axon regeneration in the adult CNS by modulation of the PTEN/mTOR pathway.
Academic Article SOCS3 deletion promotes optic nerve regeneration in vivo.
Academic Article PTPsigma is a receptor for chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan, an inhibitor of neural regeneration.
Academic Article Counteracting the Nogo receptor enhances optic nerve regeneration if retinal ganglion cells are in an active growth state.
Academic Article PTEN deletion enhances the regenerative ability of adult corticospinal neurons.
Concept Spinal Cord Regeneration
Concept Nerve Regeneration
Concept Regeneration
Academic Article Short hairpin RNA against PTEN enhances regenerative growth of corticospinal tract axons after spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Independent control of aging and axon regeneration.
Academic Article Signaling regulations of neuronal regenerative ability.
Academic Article SOCS3: a common target for neuronal protection and axon regeneration after spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Subtype-specific regeneration of retinal ganglion cells following axotomy: effects of osteopontin and mTOR signaling.
Academic Article Robust Axonal Regeneration Occurs in the Injured CAST/Ei Mouse CNS.
Academic Article Injury-induced decline of intrinsic regenerative ability revealed by quantitative proteomics.
Academic Article Doublecortin-Like Kinases Promote Neuronal Survival and Induce Growth Cone Reformation via Distinct Mechanisms.
Academic Article Restoration of skilled locomotion by sprouting corticospinal axons induced by co-deletion of PTEN and SOCS3.
Academic Article Restoration of Visual Function by Enhancing Conduction in Regenerated Axons.
Academic Article Intrinsic Control of Axon Regeneration.
Grant Promoting axon regeneration and functional recovery after SCI
Grant Rebuilding visual functional connections
Grant New Approach to promote optic nerve regeneration and vision restoration
Grant Nogo receptor and its ligands in axon regeneration
Grant CST regeneration and functional recovery
Grant Signaling mechanisms of axon regeneration by CNS myelin
Grant Promoting axon regneration and functional recovery after spinal cord injury
Grant Reprogramming Strategies of Promoting Optic Nerve Regeneration and Vision Restoration
Grant Semaphorins and Axon Regeneration in Spinal Cord Injury
Academic Article The Mammalian-Specific Protein Armcx1 Regulates Mitochondrial Transport during Axon Regeneration.
Academic Article Building bridges to regenerate axons.
Academic Article Reaching the brain: Advances in optic nerve regeneration.
Academic Article Sox11 Expression Promotes Regeneration of Some Retinal Ganglion Cell Types but Kills Others.
Academic Article A high mitochondrial transport rate characterizes CNS neurons with high axonal regeneration capacity.
Academic Article Reactivation of Dormant Relay Pathways in Injured Spinal Cord by KCC2 Manipulations.
Grant CRSIPR screening for novel regulators of retinal ganglion cell survival and axonal regeneration
Academic Article Elevating Growth Factor Responsiveness and Axon Regeneration by Modulating Presynaptic Inputs.
Academic Article Single-Cell Profiles of Retinal Ganglion Cells Differing in Resilience to Injury Reveal Neuroprotective Genes.
Academic Article Microglia-organized scar-free spinal cord repair in neonatal mice.
Academic Article Robust Myelination of Regenerated Axons Induced by Combined Manipulations of GPR17 and Microglia.
Academic Article Reprogramming to recover youthful epigenetic information and restore vision.
Academic Article Axon Regeneration: A Subcellular Extension in Multiple Dimensions.
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