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Academic Article Obesity and asthma: lessons from animal models.
Academic Article Symposium on obesity and asthma - November 2, 2006.
Academic Article Obesity, smooth muscle, and airway hyperresponsiveness.
Academic Article A brief targeted review of susceptibility factors, environmental exposures, asthma incidence, and recommendations for future asthma incidence research.
Academic Article Diet-induced obesity causes innate airway hyperresponsiveness to methacholine and enhances ozone-induced pulmonary inflammation.
Academic Article Pulmonary responses to subacute ozone exposure in obese vs. lean mice.
Academic Article Obesity and asthma: implications for treatment.
Academic Article Obesity, airway hyperresponsiveness, and inflammation.
Academic Article Responses to ozone are increased in obese mice.
Academic Article Augmented responses to ozone in obese carboxypeptidase E-deficient mice.
Academic Article Effect of obesity on pulmonary inflammation induced by acute ozone exposure: role of interleukin-6.
Academic Article Differential effects of ozone on airway and tissue mechanics in obese mice.
Academic Article Allergic airway responses in obese mice.
Academic Article Obesity and asthma: directions for research.
Academic Article Obesity and asthma.
Academic Article Increased pulmonary responses to acute ozone exposure in obese db/db mice.
Academic Article Onset of obesity in carboxypeptidase E-deficient mice and effect on airway responsiveness and pulmonary responses to ozone.
Academic Article Obesity and airway responsiveness: role of TNFR2.
Academic Article Obesity and asthma: location, location, location.
Academic Article Obesity and asthma: cause for concern.
Academic Article No effect of metformin on the innate airway hyperresponsiveness and increased responses to ozone observed in obese mice.
Academic Article Role of TNFR1 in the innate airway hyperresponsiveness of obese mice.
Academic Article Obesity and asthma: possible mechanisms.
Concept Obesity
Academic Article Environmental perturbations: Obesity.
Academic Article An official American Thoracic Society Workshop report: obesity and asthma.
Academic Article Interleukin-17-producing innate lymphoid cells and the NLRP3 inflammasome facilitate obesity-associated airway hyperreactivity.
Academic Article Induction of IL-17A Precedes Development of Airway Hyperresponsiveness during Diet-Induced Obesity and Correlates with Complement Factor D.
Academic Article Obesity, Asthma, and the Microbiome.
Academic Article Obesity and Asthma: Microbiome-Metabolome Interactions.
Grant Obesity and Airway Responsiveness
Grant Impact of Obesity on Airway Responses to Air Pollution
Grant Obesity and asthma: microbiome-metabolome interactions
Academic Article An Official American Thoracic Society Workshop Report: Obesity and Metabolism. An Emerging Frontier in Lung Health and Disease.
Academic Article Effect of acute ozone exposure on the lung metabolomes of obese and lean mice.
Academic Article Augmented Responses to Ozone in Obese Mice Require IL-17A and Gastrin-Releasing Peptide.
Academic Article Mechanistic Basis for Obesity-related Increases in Ozone-induced Airway Hyperresponsiveness in Mice.
Academic Article Obesity and severe asthma.
Academic Article Microbiota Contribute to Obesity-related Increases in the Pulmonary Response to Ozone.
Academic Article IL-33, diet-induced obesity, and pulmonary responses to ozone.
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