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Academic Article Imaging the functional connectivity of the Periaqueductal Gray during genuine and sham electroacupuncture treatment.
Academic Article Nonconscious activation of placebo and nocebo pain responses.
Academic Article Default mode network connectivity encodes clinical pain: an arterial spin labeling study.
Concept Pain Perception
Academic Article Sustained deep-tissue pain alters functional brain connectivity.
Academic Article Disrupted brain circuitry for pain-related reward/punishment in fibromyalgia.
Academic Article Placebo analgesia and reward processing: integrating genetics, personality, and intrinsic brain activity.
Academic Article Well-loved music robustly relieves pain: a randomized, controlled trial.
Academic Article Distinct neural representations of placebo and nocebo effects.
Academic Article A Neural Mechanism for Nonconscious Activation of Conditioned Placebo and Nocebo Responses.
Academic Article Not seeing or feeling is still believing: conscious and non-conscious pain modulation after direct and observational learning.
Grant fMRI and Opioid Neuroimaging of Acupuncture Analgesia
Academic Article (336) Investigating the neural circuitry supporting clinical pain perception in chronic low back pain - the importance of cardiorespiratory artifact correction with arterial spin labeling fMRI.
Academic Article A Functional Neuroimaging Study of Expectancy Effects on Pain Response in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis.
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  • Pain Perception
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