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overview Dr. Rohloff's research is focused on using dissemination/implementation and quality improvement methodologies to investigate and improve barriers to health care delivery. In addition to their position at Brigham and Women's Hospital, they are the co-founder and Chief Medical Officer for Maya Health Alliance, a primary care organization working with indigenous Maya communities in rural Guatemala. Peter is fluent in Spanish and several indigenous Mayan languages and spends 50% of their time in the field conducting research and mentoring Guatemalan junior clinicians and researchers. Their primary research interests include nonpharmacological behavior change interventions for cardiovascular disease and diabetes; epidemiology of diabetes and chronic kidney disease; determinants of food insecurity and chronic child malnutrition; and family-based interventions to support early child development.
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Mentoring - Completed Student Project Implementation and Evaluation of a Child Nutrition Program in Rural Guatemala
Academic Article An Anthropology of Mothering (M Walks & N McPherson, Eds.)
Academic Article Globalization, Art, and Education. Delacruz EM, Arnold A, Parsons M, and Kuo A (Eds.)
Academic Article The changing role of indigenous lay midwives in Guatemala: new frameworks for analysis.
Academic Article Proceedings of the Symposium on Teachng and Learning Languages of Latin America
Academic Article Male influence on infant feeding in rural Guatemala and implications for child nutrition interventions.
Academic Article Determining adult type 2 diabetes-related health care needs in an indigenous population from rural Guatemala: a mixed-methods preliminary study.
Academic Article Human Organization
Academic Article Canadian Geographer
Concept Guatemala
Academic Article Building Partnerships in the Americas: A Guide for Global Health Workers. (M Krasnoff, Ed)
Mentoring - Completed Student Project Implementing a Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Type 2 Diabetes Education Program in a Kaqchikel-Speaking Municipality in Guatemala
Academic Article The normalization of childhood disease: An ethnographic study of child malnutrition in rural Guatemala
Mentoring - Completed Student Project Nutrition Education Program in rural Guatemala with Wuqu' Kawoq
Mentoring - Completed Student Project Women’s health in indigenous Guatemala: exploring current understanding and beliefs while improving access to reproductive health services (2012-13 Sheldon Traveling Fellowship award)
Academic Article Mixed-methods study identifies key strategies for improving infant and young child feeding practices in a highly stunted rural indigenous population in Guatemala.
Academic Article Major challenges to scale up of visual inspection-based cervical cancer prevention programs: the experience of Guatemalan NGOs.
Academic Article Privatization and the New Medical Pluralism: Shifting Healthcare Landscapes in Maya Guatemala. Chary A and Rohloff P (Eds)
Academic Article Language Documentation and Endangerment in Africa (Eds Essegbey J, Henderson B, and McLaughlin F)
Academic Article Appropriate Healthcare Technologies for Low Resource Settings
Academic Article Privatization and the New Medical Pluralism: Shifting Healthcare Landscapes in Maya Guatemala
Academic Article Privatization and the New Medical Pluralism: Shifting Healthcare Landscapes in Maya Guatemala. Chary A and Rohloff P (Eds)
Mentoring - Completed Student Project Barriers to palliative care in rural Maya communities in Guatemala
Academic Article Argininemia as a cause of severe chronic stunting in a low-resource developing country setting: a case report.
Academic Article Exploring mechanisms of food insecurity in indigenous agricultural communities in Guatemala: a mixed methods study
Academic Article Implementation and Outcomes of a Comprehensive Type 2 Diabetes Program in Rural Guatemala.
Academic Article An mHealth monitoring system for traditional birth attendant-led antenatal risk assessment in rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Navigating bureaucracy: Accompanying indigenous Maya patients with complex healthcare needs in Guatemala
Academic Article Field report: Early child development in rural Guatemala
Academic Article Perceptions and utilization of generic medicines in Guatemala: a mixed-methods study with physicians and pharmacy staff.
Academic Article Myxoedema in a patient with achondroplasia in rural area of Guatemala.
Academic Article A quality improvement project using statistical process control methods for type 2 diabetes control in a resource-limited setting.
Academic Article Use of propranolol in a remote region of rural Guatemala to treat a large facial infantile haemangioma.
Academic Article Aid and gendered subjectivity in rural Guatemala
Academic Article A Home-Based Type 2 Diabetes Self-Management Intervention in Rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Accompanying indigenous Maya patients with complex medical needs: A patient navigation system in rural Guatemala.
Grant Using mobile health technology to improve the continuum of neonatal care in rural Guatemala
Grant Building Capacity for Chronic Kidney Disease Research in Guatemala.
Grant Mobile Health Intervention to Improve Perinatal Continuum of Care in Guatemala
Grant Mobile Health Intervention to Improve Perinatal Continuum of Care in Guatemala
Academic Article Delays in diagnosis and treatment of extrapulmonary tuberculosis in Guatemala.
Academic Article A Patient Navigation System to Minimize Barriers for Peritoneal Dialysis in Rural, Low-Resource Settings: Case Study From Guatemala.
Academic Article Obstetric care navigation: a new approach to promote respectful maternity care and overcome barriers to safe motherhood.
Academic Article Screening for chronic kidney disease in a community-based diabetes cohort in rural Guatemala: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Expanding access to primary healthcare for women through a microfinance institution: A case study from rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Treatment of end-stage renal disease with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis in rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Correlates of long-acting reversible contraception uptake among rural women in Guatemala.
Academic Article mHealth intervention to improve the continuum of maternal and perinatal care in rural Guatemala: a pragmatic, randomized controlled feasibility trial.
Academic Article Adolescent Rights and the "First 1,000 days" Global Nutrition Movement: A View from Guatemala.
Academic Article Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening and the Cervical Cancer Care Continuum in Rural Guatemala: A Mixed-Method Analysis.
Academic Article Patient Navigation and Access to Cancer Care in Guatemala.
Academic Article Developmental outcomes of an individualised complementary feeding intervention for stunted children: a substudy from a larger randomised controlled trial in Guatemala.
Academic Article Lay Midwives: On the Front Lines of the Fight Against Maternal Mortality in Rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Avineri N, Graham LR, Johnson EJ, Riner RC, Rosa J, editors. Language and social justice in practice
Academic Article Fluid illness: dialysis, undercare, and the social life of kidney disease in rural Guatemala
Academic Article Investigating barriers and facilitators to facility-level births in rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Impact of school and work status on diet and physical activity in rural Guatemalan adolescent girls: a qualitative study.
Grant Wearable Sensors for Early Identification of Poor Neurodevelopment in Guatemala
Academic Article Associations between contraception and stunting in Guatemala: secondary analysis of the 2014-2015 Demographic and Health Survey.
Academic Article Obstetric care navigation: results of a quality improvement project to provide accompaniment to women for facility-based maternity care in rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Advancing child nutrition science in the scaling up nutrition era: a systematic scoping review of stunting research in Guatemala.
Academic Article Challenges in the provision of kidney care at the largest public nephrology center in Guatemala: a qualitative study with health professionals.
Academic Article Language Interpretation in the Administration of Bayley Scales of Infant Development III in an Indigenous Population in Guatemala
Academic Article Patrones alimentarios y agrícolas de hogares con niños desnutridos en dos comunidades indígenas con distinto nivel socioeconómico en Guatemala
Academic Article CKD Care and Research in Guatemala: Overview and Meeting Report.
Academic Article Perceptions of chronic kidney disease among at-risk adults in rural Guatemala.
Academic Article Feasibility of satellite image and GIS sampling for population representative surveys: a case study from rural Guatemala.
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