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Academic Article Thyroid hormone and the gut: selective transcriptional activation of a villus-enterocyte marker.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone differentially regulates rat intestinal brush border enzyme gene expression.
Academic Article Identification of a rat c-erbA alpha-related protein which binds deoxyribonucleic acid but does not bind thyroid hormone.
Academic Article Inhibition of thyroid hormone action by a non-hormone binding c-erbA protein generated by alternative mRNA splicing.
Academic Article Short-chain fatty acids and thyroid hormone interact in regulating enterocyte gene transcription.
Academic Article Convergence of the thyroid hormone and gut-enriched Krüppel-like factor pathways in the context of enterocyte differentiation.
Academic Article Differential and tissue-specific regulation of the multiple rat c-erbA messenger RNA species by thyroid hormone.
Academic Article c-erb-A mRNA correlates with T3-receptor levels in liver and pituitary of tumor rats.
Academic Article Human carboxyl-terminal variant of alpha-type c-erbA inhibits trans-activation by thyroid hormone receptors without binding thyroid hormone.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone responsiveness is developmentally regulated in the rat small intestine: a possible role for the alpha-2 receptor variant.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone and the d-type cyclins interact in regulating enterocyte gene transcription.
Concept Triiodothyronine
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