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Academic Article Thyroid hormone and the gut: selective transcriptional activation of a villus-enterocyte marker.
Academic Article Intestinal alkaline phosphatase inhibits the proinflammatory nucleotide uridine diphosphate.
Academic Article Small bowel adenocarcinoma at a strictureplasty site in a patient with Crohn's disease: report of a case.
Academic Article Tissue-engineered small intestine improves recovery after massive small bowel resection.
Academic Article Small bowel adaptation: counterregulatory effects of epidermal growth factor and somatostatin on the program of early gene expression.
Academic Article Intestinal alkaline phosphatase preserves the normal homeostasis of gut microbiota.
Academic Article Temporal pattern of rat small intestinal gene expression with refeeding.
Academic Article Thyroid hormone responsiveness is developmentally regulated in the rat small intestine: a possible role for the alpha-2 receptor variant.
Academic Article Pattern of rat intestinal brush-border enzyme gene expression changes with epithelial growth state.
Concept Intestine, Small
Academic Article Selective and reversible suppression of intestinal stem cell differentiation by pharmacological inhibition of BET bromodomains.
Academic Article Inhibition of the gut enzyme intestinal alkaline phosphatase may explain how aspartame promotes glucose intolerance and obesity in mice.
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