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Academic Article Enhancing physician-patient communication.
Academic Article Depression, decision making, and the cessation of life-sustaining treatment.
Academic Article Health care costs in the last week of life: associations with end-of-life conversations.
Academic Article "It depends": viewpoints of patients, physicians, and nurses on patient-practitioner prayer in the setting of advanced cancer.
Academic Article Diagnosing and discussing imminent death in the hospital: a secondary analysis of physician interviews.
Academic Article Learning from the dying.
Academic Article A qualitative study of oncologists' approaches to end-of-life care.
Academic Article On the prospects for a blame-free medical culture.
Academic Article "It was haunting...": physicians' descriptions of emotionally powerful patient deaths.
Academic Article Perspectives on care at the close of life. Psychological considerations, growth, and transcendence at the end of life: the art of the possible.
Academic Article Resident approaches to advance care planning on the day of hospital admission.
Academic Article Doctors' emotional reactions to recent death of a patient: cross sectional study of hospital doctors.
Academic Article Influence of patients' preferences and treatment site on cancer patients' end-of-life care.
Academic Article Associations between end-of-life discussions, patient mental health, medical care near death, and caregiver bereavement adjustment.
Academic Article Patient requests for euthanasia and assisted suicide in terminal illness. The role of the psychiatrist.
Academic Article "This is just too awful; I just can't believe I experienced that...": medical students' reactions to their "most memorable" patient death.
Academic Article Information giving and receiving in hematological malignancy consultations.
Academic Article Coping styles, health status and advance care planning in patients with hematologic malignancies.
Academic Article Hematology/oncology fellows' training in palliative care: results of a national survey.
Academic Article Narrative nuances on good and bad deaths: internists' tales from high-technology work places.
Academic Article Measuring therapeutic alliance between oncologists and patients with advanced cancer: the Human Connection Scale.
Academic Article End-of-life discussions, goal attainment, and distress at the end of life: predictors and outcomes of receipt of care consistent with preferences.
Academic Article On being fired: experiences of patient-initiated termination of the patient-physician relationship in palliative medicine.
Academic Article Missed opportunities in medical student education.
Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article Serious illness communications checklist.
Academic Article Measuring critical deficits in shared decision making before elective surgery.
Academic Article Communication about serious illness care goals: a review and synthesis of best practices.
Academic Article Communication Skills Training in Pediatric Oncology: Moving Beyond Role Modeling.
Academic Article Cancer treatment decision-making among young adults with lung and colorectal cancer: a comparison with adults in middle age.
Academic Article Improving Communication About Serious Illness in Primary Care: A Review.
Academic Article Serious Illness Conversations in ESRD.
Academic Article A Systematic Intervention To Improve Serious Illness Communication In Primary Care.
Academic Article Communication About Prognosis With Adolescent and Young Adult Patients With Cancer: Information Needs, Prognostic Awareness, and Outcomes of Disclosure.
Academic Article A Qualitative Study of Serious Illness Conversations in Patients with Advanced Cancer.
Academic Article Goals-of-Care Conversations for Older Adults With Serious Illness in the Emergency Department: Challenges and Opportunities.
Academic Article Evaluating an Intervention to Improve Communication Between Oncology Clinicians and Patients With Life-Limiting Cancer: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial of the Serious Illness Care Program.
Academic Article Effect of the Serious Illness Care Program in Outpatient Oncology: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Patients' Experiences With Treatment Decision-making.
Academic Article Longitudinal prognostic communication needs of adolescents and young adults with cancer.
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