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Academic Article Identification of a basal/reserve cell immunophenotype in benign and neoplastic endometrium: a study with the p53 homologue p63.
Academic Article Clinical outcome in diagnostically ambiguous foci of 'gland crowding' in the endometrium.
Academic Article Hertig and beyond: a systematic and practical approach to the endometrial biopsy.
Academic Article h-Caldesmon expression effectively distinguishes endometrial stromal tumors from uterine smooth muscle tumors.
Academic Article Clinical and pathologic characteristics of serous carcinoma confined to the endometrium: a multi-institutional study.
Academic Article The role of CD10 staining in distinguishing invasive endometrial adenocarcinoma from adenocarcinoma involving adenomyosis.
Academic Article Mucinous endometrial epithelial proliferations: a morphologic spectrum of changes with diverse clinical significance.
Academic Article Coexisting intraepithelial serous carcinomas of the endometrium and fallopian tube: frequency and potential significance.
Concept Endometrium
Academic Article Uterine polyps with features overlapping with those of Müllerian adenosarcoma: a clinicopathologic analysis of 29 cases emphasizing their likely benign nature.
Academic Article A Combined Morphologic and Molecular Approach to Retrospectively Identify KRAS-Mutated Mesonephric-like Adenocarcinomas of the Endometrium.
Academic Article Molecular Characterization of Neuroendocrine Carcinomas of the Endometrium: Representation in All 4 TCGA Groups.
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  • Endometrium
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