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Academic Article Eotaxin triggers eosinophil-selective chemotaxis and calcium flux via a distinct receptor and induces pulmonary eosinophilia in the presence of interleukin 5 in mice.
Academic Article Human monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP)-4 is a novel CC chemokine with activities on monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils induced in allergic and nonallergic inflammation that signals through the CC chemokine receptors (CCR)-2 and -3.
Academic Article Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma activators inhibit IFN-gamma-induced expression of the T cell-active CXC chemokines IP-10, Mig, and I-TAC in human endothelial cells.
Academic Article Leukotriene B4 and BLT1 control cytotoxic effector T cell recruitment to inflamed tissues.
Academic Article CXCR3 requires tyrosine sulfation for ligand binding and a second extracellular loop arginine residue for ligand-induced chemotaxis.
Academic Article CXCR-4 desensitization is associated with tissue localization of hemopoietic progenitor cells.
Academic Article Toll-like receptors stimulate human neutrophil function.
Academic Article CD36 mediates the innate host response to beta-amyloid.
Academic Article MCP-1 and IL-8 trigger firm adhesion of monocytes to vascular endothelium under flow conditions.
Academic Article Intracellular domains of CXCR3 that mediate CXCL9, CXCL10, and CXCL11 function.
Academic Article SDF-1 alpha induces chemotaxis and enhances Sonic hedgehog-induced proliferation of cerebellar granule cells.
Academic Article CXCR3 and heparin binding sites of the chemokine IP-10 (CXCL10).
Academic Article Pathogenic T-cell recruitment into the airway in human disease.
Academic Article Turning up the heat on HEVs.
Academic Article IL-8 responsiveness defines a subset of CD8 T cells poised to kill.
Academic Article Adiponectin inhibits the production of CXC receptor 3 chemokine ligands in macrophages and reduces T-lymphocyte recruitment in atherogenesis.
Academic Article Chemokines regulate lymphocyte homing to the intestinal mucosa.
Academic Article Human eotaxin is a specific chemoattractant for eosinophil cells and provides a new mechanism to explain tissue eosinophilia.
Academic Article BLTR mediates leukotriene B(4)-induced chemotaxis and adhesion and plays a dominant role in eosinophil accumulation in a murine model of peritonitis.
Academic Article CD1d-restricted NKT cells express a chemokine receptor profile indicative of Th1-type inflammatory homing cells.
Academic Article Chemokine receptor CCR7 guides T cell exit from peripheral tissues and entry into afferent lymphatics.
Academic Article Decreased CXCR3+ CD8 T cells in advanced human immunodeficiency virus infection suggest that a homing defect contributes to cytotoxic T-lymphocyte dysfunction.
Academic Article C-C and C-X-C chemokines trigger firm adhesion of monocytes to vascular endothelium under flow conditions.
Academic Article Membrane-bound eotaxin-3 mediates eosinophil transepithelial migration in IL-4-stimulated epithelial cells.
Academic Article Oligomerization of CXCL10 is necessary for endothelial cell presentation and in vivo activity.
Academic Article Movement within and movement beyond: synaptotagmin-mediated vesicle fusion during chemotaxis.
Academic Article T-cell P/E-selectin ligand alpha(1,3)fucosylation is not required for graft-vs-host disease induction.
Academic Article Development of a novel chemokine-mediated in vivo T cell recruitment assay.
Academic Article Mouse CCL8, a CCR8 agonist, promotes atopic dermatitis by recruiting IL-5+ T(H)2 cells.
Academic Article Increased expression of eotaxin in bronchoalveolar lavage and airways of asthmatics contributes to the chemotaxis of eosinophils to the site of inflammation.
Academic Article CC chemokine receptor-2 is not essential for the development of antigen-induced pulmonary eosinophilia and airway hyperresponsiveness.
Academic Article Constitutive and cytokine-stimulated expression of eotaxin by human airway smooth muscle cells.
Academic Article Cross reactivity of three T cell attracting murine chemokines stimulating the CXC chemokine receptor CXCR3 and their induction in cultured cells and during allograft rejection.
Academic Article Leukotriene B4 receptor BLT1 mediates early effector T cell recruitment.
Academic Article Murine eotaxin: an eosinophil chemoattractant inducible in endothelial cells and in interleukin 4-induced tumor suppression.
Academic Article CD11b+ myeloid cells are the key mediators of Th2 cell homing into the airway in allergic inflammation.
Academic Article A small-molecule antagonist of CXCR4 inhibits intracranial growth of primary brain tumors.
Academic Article Active movement of T cells away from a chemokine.
Academic Article Cutting edge: Th2 cell trafficking into the allergic lung is dependent on chemoattractant receptor signaling.
Academic Article P2Y-like receptor, GPR105 (P2Y14), identifies and mediates chemotaxis of bone-marrow hematopoietic stem cells.
Academic Article Antibody-antigen interaction in the airway drives early granulocyte recruitment through BLT1.
Academic Article Lipid-cytokine-chemokine cascades orchestrate leukocyte recruitment in inflammation.
Academic Article Inhibiting CXCR3-dependent CD8+ T cell trafficking enhances tolerance induction in a mouse model of lung rejection.
Academic Article Synaptotagmin-mediated vesicle fusion regulates cell migration.
Academic Article CXCR3 internalization following T cell-endothelial cell contact: preferential role of IFN-inducible T cell alpha chemoattractant (CXCL11).
Academic Article T cell trafficking in allergic asthma: the ins and outs.
Concept Chemotaxis, Leukocyte
Concept Chemotaxis
Academic Article Homing frequency of human T cells inferred from peripheral blood depletion kinetics after sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor blockade.
Academic Article Identification of human CCR8 as a CCL18 receptor.
Academic Article CXCR3 controls T-cell accumulation in fat inflammation.
Academic Article The role of tissue resident cells in neutrophil recruitment.
Academic Article Studying Neutrophil Migration In Vivo Using Adoptive Cell Transfer.
Academic Article Chemoattractant Receptors BLT1 and CXCR3 Regulate Antitumor Immunity by Facilitating CD8+ T Cell Migration into Tumors.
Grant Biochemical and Genetic Dissection of Chemokine Receptor CXCR3 Signaling
Grant Sequential Control of Neutrophil Recruitment by LTB4 and Other Chemoattractants
Grant Chemokines, Microglia and Alzheimer's Disease
Academic Article Antibody Neutralization of CXCL10 in Vivo Is Dependent on Binding to Free and Not Endothelial-bound Chemokine: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE DESIGN OF A NEW GENERATION OF ANTI-CHEMOKINE THERAPEUTIC ANTIBODIES.
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