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Academic Article An approach to addressing ethical issues in a community-based risk assessment for HIV: a case from Chennai, India.
Academic Article Nonadherence to medical appointments is associated with increased plasma HIV RNA and decreased CD4 cell counts in a community-based HIV primary care clinic.
Academic Article HIV/AIDS and the Black Church: what are the barriers to prevention services?
Academic Article Prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection among men who have sex with men at a Boston community health center and its association with markers of high-risk behavior.
Academic Article The community blood supply and patients' choice. The community: still the best source of blood.
Academic Article Challenges of expansion of voluntary counselling and testing in India.
Academic Article Public health and community-related consequences of the human immunodeficiency virus epidemic.
Academic Article Developing an HIV-prevention intervention for HIV-infected men who have sex with men in HIV care: project enhance.
Academic Article Awareness and use of hepatitis B vaccine among homosexual male clients of a Boston community health center.
Academic Article Urine-based asymptomatic urethral gonorrhea and chlamydia screening and sexual risk-taking behavior in men who have sex with men in greater Boston.
Academic Article Which HIV-infected men who have sex with men in care are engaging in risky sex and acquiring sexually transmitted infections: findings from a Boston community health centre.
Academic Article Geographic prevalence and multilevel determination of community-level factors associated with herpes simplex virus type 2 infection in Chennai, India.
Academic Article Barriers to routine HIV testing among Massachusetts community health center personnel.
Academic Article Acute hepatitis C virus infection in an HIV clinic and in community settings.
Academic Article Introduction: Linkage, engagement, and retention in HIV care: essential for optimal individual- and community-level outcomes in the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy.
Academic Article A national HIV community cohort: design, baseline, and follow-up of the AmFAR Observational Database. American Foundation for AIDS Research Community-Based Clinical Trials Network.
Academic Article Behavioral risk factors for HIV infection among homosexual men at a Boston community health center.
Academic Article The evolution of the Fenway Community Health model.
Academic Article Perceived needs and unmet needs for formal services among people with HIV disease.
Academic Article Use of an on-line pager system to increase adherence to antiretroviral medications.
Academic Article Effect of same-sex marriage laws on health care use and expenditures in sexual minority men: a quasi-natural experiment.
Academic Article Suicidality, clinical depression, and anxiety disorders are highly prevalent in men who have sex with men in Mumbai, India: findings from a community-recruited sample.
Academic Article Tenofovir DF plus lamivudine or emtricitabine for nonoccupational postexposure prophylaxis (NPEP) in a Boston Community Health Center.
Academic Article Emergence of multidrug-resistant, community-associated, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus clone USA300 in men who have sex with men.
Academic Article Blood or body fluid exposures and HIV postexposure prophylaxis utilization among first responders.
Academic Article Sexually transmitted disease (STD) diagnoses and mental health disparities among women who have sex with women screened at an urban community health center, Boston, MA, 2007.
Academic Article Spectrum of opportunistic infections in hospitalized HIV-infected patients in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Academic Article Barriers and facilitators to routine HIV testing: perceptions from Massachusetts Community Health Center personnel.
Academic Article Ensuring it works: a community-based approach to HIV prevention intervention development for men who have sex with men in Chennai, India.
Concept Residence Characteristics
Concept Community Health Centers
Concept Community-Institutional Relations
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Hospitals, Community
Concept Community-Based Participatory Research
Concept Community Health Planning
Concept Community-Acquired Infections
Academic Article A tale of two health care delivery systems.
Academic Article [Community-acquired pneumonia].
Academic Article Prevalent and incident hepatitis C virus infection among HIV-infected men who have sex with men engaged in primary care in a Boston community health center.
Academic Article Trends in the spectrum of engagement in HIV care and subsequent clinical outcomes among men who have sex with men (MSM) at a Boston community health center.
Academic Article Treatment of high-grade anal dysplasia in high-risk patients: outcome at an urban community health centre.
Academic Article Resilience as a research framework and as a cornerstone of prevention research for gay and bisexual men: theory and evidence.
Academic Article Sexual risk behaviors and psychosocial health concerns of female-to-male transgender men screening for STDs at an urban community health center.
Academic Article Geography should not be destiny: focusing HIV/AIDS implementation research and programs on microepidemics in US neighborhoods.
Academic Article The ADVANCE network: accelerating data value across a national community health center network.
Academic Article Do ask, do tell: high levels of acceptability by patients of routine collection of sexual orientation and gender identity data in four diverse American community health centers.
Academic Article Longitudinal trends in HIV nonoccupational postexposure prophylaxis use at a Boston community health center between 1997 and 2013.
Academic Article Subsequent HIV infection among men who have sex with men who used non-occupational post-exposure prophylaxis at a Boston community health center: 1997-2013.
Academic Article Transactional sex among men who have sex with men in Latin America: economic, sociodemographic, and psychosocial factors.
Academic Article Engagement in HIV care and sexual transmission risk behavior among men who have sex with men using online social/sexual networking in Latin America.
Academic Article Community Cultural Norms, Stigma and Disclosure to Sexual Partners among Women Living with HIV in Thailand, Brazil and Zambia (HPTN 063).
Academic Article High Levels of Concomitant Behavioral Health Disorders Among Patients Presenting for HIV Non-occupational Post-exposure Prophylaxis at a Boston Community Health Center Between 1997 and 2013.
Academic Article HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Screening Practices in a Geographically Diverse Sample of American Community Health Centers.
Academic Article The High Prevalence of Diabetes in a Large Cohort of Patients Drawn From Safety Net Clinics.
Academic Article Antiretroviral Therapy to Prevent HIV Acquisition in Serodiscordant Couples in a Hyperendemic Community in Rural South Africa.
Grant Clinical Trial Unit for HIV Prevention and Microbicide Research
Grant Clinical Trial Unit for HIV Prevention and Microbicide Research
Grant Harvard/Boston/Providence Clinical Trials Unit (Harvard/B/P CTU)
Grant Enhancing HIV Prevention Among High-Risk HIV+ Men
Grant Social/sexual networks of high risk married MSM in Mumbai
Grant Optimizing Antiretroviral-Based Prevention by Enhancing PrEP Adherence in MSM
Academic Article Primary care clinicians' experiences prescribing HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis at a specialized community health centre in Boston: lessons from early adopters.
Academic Article Preferences for HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) information among men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM) at community outreach settings.
Academic Article Sexually Transmitted Infections and Associated Risk Factors Among Street-Based and Residence-Based Female Sex Workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Academic Article Medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders within a national community health center research network.
Academic Article Engagement of Gay Men and Other Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in the Response to HIV: A Critical Step in Achieving an AIDS-Free Generation.
Academic Article Emerging models of clinical services for men who have sex with men: focused versus comprehensive approaches.
Academic Article Differing Experiences with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis in Boston Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Specialists and Generalists in Primary Care: Implications for Scale-Up.
Academic Article Comparison of Home-Based Oral Fluid Rapid HIV Self-Testing Versus Mail-in Blood Sample Collection or Medical/Community HIV Testing By Young Adult Black, Hispanic, and White MSM: Results from a Randomized Trial.
Mentoring - Current Student Opportunity Bio-Behavioral HIV Prevention Research
Academic Article Sociodemographic and Clinical Factors Associated With Increasing Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infection Diagnoses in Men Who Have Sex With Men Accessing Care at a Boston Community Health Center (2005-2015).
Academic Article Excess Clinical Comorbidity Among HIV-Infected Patients Accessing Primary Care in US Community Health Centers.
Academic Article Sexually transmitted infections in the era of antiretroviral-based HIV prevention: Priorities for discovery research, implementation science, and community involvement.
Academic Article Primary Care Provider Practices and Perceptions Regarding HPV Vaccination and Anal Cancer Screening at a Boston Community Health Center.
Academic Article Facilitators and Barriers to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Use Among Black Individuals in the United States: Results from the National Survey on HIV in the Black Community (NSHBC).
Academic Article Characteristics and Correlates of Tobacco Use in a Community Sample of Sexual Minority Men and Women: Implications for Smoking Cessation Program Development.
Academic Article Facilitators of and barriers to HPV vaccination among sexual and gender minority patients at a Boston community health center.
Academic Article Impacts of the Affordable Care Act on Community Health Centers: Characteristics of New Patients and Early Changes in Delivery of Care.
Academic Article Three-dose HPV vaccine completion among sexual and gender minority young adults at a Boston community health center.
Academic Article Faith leaders' messaging is essential to enhance HIV prevention among black Americans: results from the 2016 National Survey on HIV in the black community (NSHBC).
Academic Article Increasing Syphilis Detection Among Patients Assigned Male at Birth Screened at a Boston Community Health Center Specializing in Sexual and Gender Minority Health, 2005-2015.
Academic Article Patterns and clinical consequences of discontinuing HIV preexposure prophylaxis during primary care.
Academic Article Social Network Organization, Structure, and Patterns of Influence Within a Community of Transgender Women in Lima, Peru: Implications for Biomedical HIV Prevention.
Academic Article The Social Context of HIV Prevention and Care among Black Men Who Have Sex with Men in Three U.S. Cities: The Neighborhoods and Networks (N2) Cohort Study.
Academic Article Hepatitis C Virus Antibody Testing Among 13- to 21-Year-Olds in a Large Sample of US Federally Qualified Health Centers.
Academic Article Area-level HIV risk and socioeconomic factors associated with willingness to use PrEP among Black people in the U.S. South.
Academic Article Capturing Relevant Patient Data in Clinical Encounters Through Integration of an Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome System Into Routine Primary Care in a Boston Community Health Center: Development and Implementation Study.
Academic Article Longitudinal associations between the disruption of incarceration and community re-entry on substance use risk escalation among Black men who have sex with men; A causal analysis.
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