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Academic Article Analysis of mitosis and antimitotic drug responses in tumors by in vivo microscopy and single-cell pharmacodynamics.
Academic Article Measuring and modeling apoptosis in single cells.
Academic Article Single-cell and subcellular pharmacokinetic imaging allows insight into drug action in vivo.
Concept Single-Cell Analysis
Academic Article Intra- and interdimeric caspase-8 self-cleavage controls strength and timing of CD95-induced apoptosis.
Academic Article Highly multiplexed imaging of single cells using a high-throughput cyclic immunofluorescence method.
Academic Article Dissecting the multicellular ecosystem of metastatic melanoma by single-cell RNA-seq.
Academic Article Cyclic Immunofluorescence (CycIF), A Highly Multiplexed Method for Single-cell Imaging.
Academic Article Adaptive resistance of melanoma cells to RAF inhibition via reversible induction of a slowly dividing de-differentiated state.
Academic Article Inferring reaction network structure from single-cell, multiplex data, using toric systems theory.
Academic Article Highly multiplexed immunofluorescence images and single-cell data of immune markers in tonsil and lung cancer.
Academic Article HSF1 phase transition mediates stress adaptation and cell fate decisions.
Academic Article Immunogenomic profiling determines responses to combined PARP and PD-1 inhibition in ovarian cancer.
Academic Article The Human Tumor Atlas Network: Charting Tumor Transitions across Space and Time at Single-Cell Resolution.
Academic Article A single-cell landscape of high-grade serous ovarian cancer.
Academic Article Opposing immune and genetic mechanisms shape oncogenic programs in synovial sarcoma.
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  • Single Cell Analysis
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