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Academic Article Cyclooxygenase-2-deficient mice are resistant to endotoxin-induced inflammation and death.
Academic Article Lipid mediator class switching during acute inflammation: signals in resolution.
Academic Article Cyclooxygenase 2 plays a pivotal role in the resolution of acute lung injury.
Academic Article Lipid mediators as agonists for the resolution of acute lung inflammation and injury.
Academic Article Protectin D1 is generated in asthma and dampens airway inflammation and hyperresponsiveness.
Academic Article Success of prostaglandin E2 in structure-function is a challenge for structure-based therapeutics.
Academic Article Novel polyisoprenyl phosphates block phospholipase D and human neutrophil activation in vitro and murine peritoneal inflammation in vivo.
Academic Article Molecular circuits of resolution in airway inflammation.
Academic Article RvE1 protects from local inflammation and osteoclast- mediated bone destruction in periodontitis.
Academic Article Identification and functional characterization of a presqualene diphosphate phosphatase.
Academic Article Resolution of inflammation in asthma.
Academic Article Lipoxins, aspirin-triggered 15-epi-lipoxin stable analogs and their receptors in anti-inflammation: a window for therapeutic opportunity.
Academic Article The anti-inflammatory and proresolving mediator resolvin E1 protects mice from bacterial pneumonia and acute lung injury.
Academic Article Endogenous lipid mediators in the resolution of airway inflammation.
Academic Article Clinical problem-solving. A sleeping giant.
Academic Article Chemical mediators and the resolution of airway inflammation.
Academic Article Oxidoreductases in lipoxin A4 metabolic inactivation: a novel role for 15-onoprostaglandin 13-reductase/leukotriene B4 12-hydroxydehydrogenase in inflammation.
Academic Article Exploring new approaches to the treatment of asthma: potential roles for lipoxins and aspirin-triggered lipid mediators.
Academic Article Novel pathways and endogenous mediators in anti-inflammation and resolution.
Academic Article Multi-pronged inhibition of airway hyper-responsiveness and inflammation by lipoxin A(4).
Academic Article Polyisoprenyl phosphates in intracellular signalling.
Academic Article Corticosteroid suppression of lipoxin A4 and leukotriene B4 from alveolar macrophages in severe asthma.
Academic Article Resolvin E1 regulates interleukin 23, interferon-gamma and lipoxin A4 to promote the resolution of allergic airway inflammation.
Academic Article Resolvins and protectins: mediating solutions to inflammation.
Academic Article Resolvins: natural agonists for resolution of pulmonary inflammation.
Academic Article NK cells are effectors for resolvin E1 in the timely resolution of allergic airway inflammation.
Academic Article Serum amyloid A opposes lipoxin A4 to mediate glucocorticoid refractory lung inflammation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Academic Article Lipoxins and aspirin-triggered lipoxins in airway responses.
Academic Article Resolvins and protectins: natural pharmacophores for resolution biology.
Academic Article Resolvin D1 and Resolvin E1 Promote the Resolution of Allergic Airway Inflammation via Shared and Distinct Molecular Counter-Regulatory Pathways.
Concept Inflammation Mediators
Concept Inflammation
Academic Article Lipoxin A4: a new direction in asthma therapy?
Academic Article Serum amyloid A promotes lung neutrophilia by increasing IL-17A levels in the mucosa and ?d T cells.
Academic Article Resolution of acute inflammation in the lung.
Academic Article Development of a membrane-anchored chemerin receptor agonist as a novel modulator of allergic airway inflammation and neuropathic pain.
Academic Article Lipid mediators in the resolution of inflammation.
Academic Article Maresin 1 biosynthesis during platelet-neutrophil interactions is organ-protective.
Academic Article Cutting edge: maresin-1 engages regulatory T cells to limit type 2 innate lymphoid cell activation and promote resolution of lung inflammation.
Academic Article Wood smoke enhances cigarette smoke-induced inflammation by inducing the aryl hydrocarbon receptor repressor in airway epithelial cells.
Academic Article Treating neutrophilic inflammation in COPD by targeting ALX/FPR2 resolution pathways.
Academic Article SAA drives proinflammatory heterotypic macrophage differentiation in the lung via CSF-1R-dependent signaling.
Academic Article Silencing Nociceptor Neurons Reduces Allergic Airway Inflammation.
Academic Article Innate immunity is a key factor for the resolution of inflammation in asthma.
Academic Article Allergic Lung Inflammation Aggravates Angiotensin II-Induced Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms in Mice.
Academic Article Specialized pro-resolving mediators: endogenous regulators of infection and inflammation.
Academic Article Allergic lung inflammation promotes atherosclerosis in apolipoprotein E-deficient mice.
Academic Article Plasma interleukin-6 concentrations, metabolic dysfunction, and asthma severity: a cross-sectional analysis of two cohorts.
Academic Article DHA- and EPA-derived resolvins, protectins, and maresins in airway inflammation.
Grant Targeting MMP9 to Improve Outcomes in Serious Influenza Infections
Grant Lipoxins in Severe Asthma (LIPSA)
Grant Counter-Regulatory Lipid Mediators in Lung Disease
Grant Oxidative Stress and Anti-Inflammatory Lipids in Airway Disease
Grant Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators in Asthma
Grant Lipid Mediators in the Resolution of Asthma Exacerbations
Grant AMSA: ALXR/FBR Mediated Signaling in Severe Asthma
Grant Resolution Mechanisms in Acute Inflammation: Resolution Pharmacology
Academic Article Inflammatory and Comorbid Features of Patients with Severe Asthma and Frequent Exacerbations.
Academic Article Bronchoprotective mechanisms for specialized pro-resolving mediators in the resolution of lung inflammation.
Academic Article Natural killer cell-mediated inflammation resolution is disabled in severe asthma.
Academic Article The neuropeptide NMU amplifies ILC2-driven allergic lung inflammation.
Academic Article 15-epi-Lipoxin A4, Resolvin D2, and Resolvin D3 Induce NF-?B Regulators in Bacterial Pneumonia.
Academic Article Refractory airway type 2 inflammation in a large subgroup of asthmatic patients treated with inhaled corticosteroids.
Academic Article Pseudomonas aeruginosa sabotages the generation of host proresolving lipid mediators.
Academic Article Aspirin-triggered resolvin D1 reduces pneumococcal lung infection and inflammation in a viral and bacterial coinfection pneumonia model.
Academic Article Resolvins in inflammation: emergence of the pro-resolving superfamily of mediators.
Academic Article Towards targeting resolution pathways of airway inflammation in asthma.
Academic Article Neutrophil cytoplasts induce TH17 differentiation and skew inflammation toward neutrophilia in severe asthma.
Academic Article PGE2 production at sites of tissue injury promotes an anti-inflammatory neutrophil phenotype and determines the outcome of inflammation resolution in vivo.
Academic Article Leukocyte CD300a Contributes to the Resolution of Murine Allergic Inflammation.
Academic Article Non-type 2 inflammation in severe asthma is propelled by neutrophil cytoplasts and maintained by defective resolution.
Grant Immunometabolic phenotypes in adult severe asthma and disease progression
Academic Article Vagal sensory neurons drive mucous cell metaplasia.
Academic Article Evidence for Exacerbation-Prone Asthma and Predictive Biomarkers of Exacerbation Frequency.
Grant Immunometabolic phenotypes in adult severe asthma and disease progression
Academic Article WITHDRAWN: The Atlas of Inflammation Resolution (AIR).
Academic Article The Atlas of Inflammation Resolution (AIR).
Academic Article FceR1-expressing nociceptors trigger allergic airway inflammation.
Academic Article Mixed Sputum Granulocyte Longitudinal Impact on Lung Function in the Severe Asthma Research Program.
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