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Academic Article Cyclin D2 is an FSH-responsive gene involved in gonadal cell proliferation and oncogenesis.
Academic Article Cerebellar histogenesis is disturbed in mice lacking cyclin D2.
Academic Article Specific protection against breast cancers by cyclin D1 ablation.
Academic Article Deletion of the p27Kip1 gene restores normal development in cyclin D1-deficient mice.
Academic Article Cyclin D2 is essential for BCR-mediated proliferation and CD5 B cell development.
Academic Article Rescue of cyclin D1 deficiency by knockin cyclin E.
Academic Article Genetic replacement of cyclin D1 function in mouse development by cyclin D2.
Academic Article Cyclin D3 compensates for loss of cyclin D2 in mouse B-lymphocytes activated via the antigen receptor and CD40.
Academic Article Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-delta induces cell proliferation by a cyclin E1-dependent mechanism and is up-regulated in thyroid tumors.
Academic Article Roles of cyclins A and E in induction of centrosome amplification in p53-compromised cells.
Academic Article Reduced skin tumor development in cyclin D1-deficient mice highlights the oncogenic ras pathway in vivo.
Academic Article Cyclins and cdks in development and cancer: a perspective.
Academic Article Cyclin D1 provides a link between development and oncogenesis in the retina and breast.
Academic Article Cyclin D2-cyclin-dependent kinase 4/6 is required for efficient proliferation and tumorigenesis following Apc loss.
Academic Article Duality of p27Kip1 function in tumorigenesis.
Academic Article A developmentally regulated switch directs regenerative growth of Schwann cells through cyclin D1.
Academic Article Expression of cyclins E1 and E2 during mouse development and in neoplasia.
Concept Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 5
Concept Cyclin E
Concept Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2
Concept Cyclin A2
Concept Cyclin C
Concept Cyclin D1
Concept Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 6
Concept Cyclin D2
Concept Cyclin A
Concept Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor p27
Concept Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 4
Concept Cyclin D3
Concept Cyclin-Dependent Kinases
Academic Article A specific role for cyclin D1 in mammary gland development.
Academic Article Direct induction of cyclin D2 by Myc contributes to cell cycle progression and sequestration of p27.
Academic Article Mammalian E-type cyclins control chromosome pairing, telomere stability and CDK2 localization in male meiosis.
Academic Article A Sequentially Priming Phosphorylation Cascade Activates the Gliomagenic Transcription Factor Olig2.
Academic Article A mitotic CDK5-PP4 phospho-signaling cascade primes 53BP1 for DNA repair in G1.
Academic Article Stress-Induced Cyclin C Translocation Regulates Cardiac Mitochondrial Dynamics.
Academic Article Cyclin A2 maintains colon homeostasis and is a prognostic factor in colorectal cancer.
Grant E-Cyclins in normal and oncogenic proliferation
Grant Cyclin A Function in Stem Cells and in Neoplasia
Grant Analyses of the Molecular Functions for D-Cyclins
Grant The function of cyclin C in tumorigenesis
Grant Novel functions of D-type and E-type cyclins in normal and in cancer cells
Grant Novel therapeutic approaches with CDK4/6 inhibitors for melanoma treatment
Grant The Function of CDK5 in Metastasis
Grant Cyclin-Dependent Kinases in Oncogenesis
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