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Academic Article The adult galactosemic phenotype.
Concept Infant, Newborn
Concept Mass Screening
Concept Neonatal Screening
Academic Article Novel influenza A(H1N1) in a pediatric health care facility in New York City during the first wave of the 2009 pandemic.
Academic Article Research results: preserving newborn blood samples.
Academic Article Comparing the clinical severity of the first versus second wave of 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) in a New York City pediatric healthcare facility.
Mentoring - Completed Student Project An Evaluation of Parents’ Preferences Toward Genome Sequence-Based Screening for Childhood Risk and Newborn Illness
Academic Article Parents are interested in newborn genomic testing during the early postpartum period.
Academic Article The impact of direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing on perceived risk of breast, prostate, colorectal, and lung cancer: findings from the PGen study.
Academic Article Psychosocial Factors Influencing Parental Interest in Genomic Sequencing of Newborns.
Academic Article Consumers report lower confidence in their genetics knowledge following direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing.
Academic Article Consumer Perceptions of Interactions With Primary Care Providers After Direct-to-Consumer Personal Genomic Testing.
Grant Genome Sequence-Based Screening for Childhood Risk and Newborn Illness
Academic Article The impact of personal genomics on risk perceptions and medical decision-making.
Academic Article Personal Genomic Testing for Cancer Risk: Results From the Impact of Personal Genomics Study.
Academic Article A curated gene list for reporting results of newborn genomic sequencing.
Academic Article Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: User Motivations, Decision Making, and Perceived Utility of Results.
Academic Article Newborn Sequencing in Genomic Medicine and Public Health.
Academic Article Prescription medication changes following direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing: findings from the Impact of Personal Genomics (PGen) Study.
Academic Article Utilization of Genetic Counseling after Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Findings from the Impact of Personal Genomics (PGen) Study.
Academic Article Consumer Perspectives on Access to Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing: Role of Demographic Factors and the Testing Experience.
Academic Article Diet and exercise changes following direct-to-consumer personal genomic testing.
Academic Article Reconciling newborn screening and a novel splice variant in BTD associated with partial biotinidase deficiency: a BabySeq Project case report.
Academic Article The BabySeq project: implementing genomic sequencing in newborns.
Academic Article Approaches to carrier testing and results disclosure in translational genomics research: The clinical sequencing exploratory research consortium experience.
Academic Article Parental interest in genomic sequencing of newborns: enrollment experience from the BabySeq Project.
Academic Article Returning a Genomic Result for an Adult-Onset Condition to the Parents of a Newborn: Insights From the BabySeq Project.
Academic Article Perceived Benefits, Risks, and Utility of Newborn Genomic Sequencing in the BabySeq Project.
Academic Article Challenging the Current Recommendations for Carrier Testing in Children.
Academic Article Interpretation of Genomic Sequencing Results in Healthy and Ill Newborns: Results from the BabySeq Project.
Academic Article Reconciling Opportunistic and Population Screening in Clinical Genomics.
Grant Return of Genomic Results and Estimating Penetrance in Population-Based Cohorts
Academic Article Where to start? Injury prevention priority scores in Canadian children.
Academic Article Genetic counseling following direct-to consumer genetic testing: Consumer perspectives.
Academic Article Discordant results between conventional newborn screening and genomic sequencing in the BabySeq Project.
Academic Article Universal newborn genetic screening for pediatric cancer predisposition syndromes: model-based insights.
Academic Article DNA-based screening and personal health: a points to consider statement for individuals and health-care providers from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG).
Academic Article Screening for cognitive impairment in older individuals. Validation study of a computer-based test.
Academic Article Impact of colonoscopic screening in male and female Lynch syndrome carriers with an MSH2 mutation.
Grant Implementation of Whole Genome Sequencing as Screening in a Diverse Cohort of Healthy Infants
Academic Article Molecular cancer screening: in search of evidence.
Academic Article Effects of participation in a U.S. trial of newborn genomic sequencing on parents at risk for depression.
Academic Article Physician-directed genetic screening to evaluate personal risk for medically actionable disorders: a large multi-center cohort study.
Academic Article Psychosocial Effect of Newborn Genomic Sequencing on Families in the BabySeq Project: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Do research participants share genomic screening results with family members?
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