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Academic Article Highly diverse TCR delta chain repertoire in bovine tissues due to the use of up to four D segments per delta chain.
Academic Article Massive, sustained gammadelta T cell migration from the bovine skin in vivo.
Academic Article Lion (Panthera leo) and cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) IFN-gamma sequences.
Academic Article Immune response of cattle immunized with a conjugate of the glycolipid glucose monomycolate and protein.
Academic Article Bovine tuberculosis as a model for human tuberculosis: advantages over small animal models.
Academic Article ?d T cell homing to skin and migration to skin-draining lymph nodes is CCR7 independent.
Academic Article Crystal structures of bovine CD1d reveal altered aGalCer presentation and a restricted A' pocket unable to bind long-chain glycolipids.
Academic Article Subpopulations of bovine WC1(+) gammadelta T cells rather than CD4(+)CD25(high) Foxp3(+) T cells act as immune regulatory cells ex vivo.
Academic Article Conservation of mucosal associated invariant T (MAIT) cells and the MR1 restriction element in ruminants, and abundance of MAIT cells in spleen.
Academic Article The bovine CD1 family contains group 1 CD1 proteins, but no functional CD1d.
Academic Article Low cross-reactivity of T-cell responses against lipids from Mycobacterium bovis and M. avium paratuberculosis during natural infection.
Academic Article The bovine CD1D gene has an unusual gene structure and is expressed but cannot present a-galactosylceramide with a C26 fatty acid.
Academic Article The bovine T cell receptor alpha/delta locus contains over 400 V genes and encodes V genes without CDR2.
Academic Article Crystal structure of bovine CD1b3 with endogenously bound ligands.
Academic Article Functional CD1d and/or NKT cell invariant chain transcript in horse, pig, African elephant and guinea pig, but not in ruminants.
Academic Article The mycobacterial glycolipid glucose monomycolate induces a memory T cell response comparable to a model protein antigen and no B cell response upon experimental vaccination of cattle.
Academic Article CD1a, CD1b, and CD1c in immunity against mycobacteria.
Concept Cattle
Concept Cattle Diseases
Academic Article The molecular basis for Mucosal-Associated Invariant T cell recognition of MR1 proteins.
Academic Article Expression patterns of bovine CD1 in vivo and assessment of the specificities of the anti-bovine CD1 antibodies.
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