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Academic Article Signature biochemical properties of broadly cross-reactive HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies in human plasma.
Academic Article Memory B cell antibodies to HIV-1 gp140 cloned from individuals infected with clade A and B viruses.
Academic Article Rational design of envelope identifies broadly neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies to HIV-1.
Academic Article Cross-neutralizing activity of human anti-V3 monoclonal antibodies derived from non-B clade HIV-1 infected individuals.
Academic Article Immunogenicity of recombinant Modified Vaccinia Ankara following a single or multi-dose vaccine regimen in rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Anti-V3 monoclonal antibodies display broad neutralizing activities against multiple HIV-1 subtypes.
Academic Article Polyreactivity increases the apparent affinity of anti-HIV antibodies by heteroligation.
Concept Cross Reactions
Academic Article A novel rabbit monoclonal antibody platform to dissect the diverse repertoire of antibody epitopes for HIV-1 Env immunogen design.
Academic Article Strategic addition of an N-linked glycan to a monoclonal antibody improves its HIV-1-neutralizing activity.
Academic Article Identification of broadly neutralizing antibody epitopes in the HIV-1 envelope glycoprotein using evolutionary models.
Academic Article Global panel of HIV-1 Env reference strains for standardized assessments of vaccine-elicited neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Recombinant HIV envelope trimer selects for quaternary-dependent antibodies targeting the trimer apex.
Academic Article HIV-1 VACCINES. HIV-1 neutralizing antibodies induced by native-like envelope trimers.
Academic Article Fc Receptor-Mediated Activities of Env-Specific Human Monoclonal Antibodies Generated from Volunteers Receiving the DNA Prime-Protein Boost HIV Vaccine DP6-001.
Academic Article Broadly neutralizing antibodies suppress post-transcytosis HIV-1 infectivity.
Academic Article Conformational Plasticity in Broadly Neutralizing HIV-1 Antibodies Triggers Polyreactivity.
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