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Academic Article Microdialysis perfusion of orexin-A in the basal forebrain increases wakefulness in freely behaving rats.
Academic Article Brain site-specificity of extracellular adenosine concentration changes during sleep deprivation and spontaneous sleep: an in vivo microdialysis study.
Academic Article Adenosine as a biological signal mediating sleepiness following prolonged wakefulness.
Academic Article Sleep fragmentation elevates behavioral, electrographic and neurochemical measures of sleepiness.
Academic Article Midbrain 6-hydroxydopamine lesions modulate blink reflex excitability.
Academic Article The 5-HT3 antagonist zacopride attenuates cocaine-induced increases in extracellular dopamine in rat nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article Decoupling of sleepiness from sleep time and intensity during chronic sleep restriction: evidence for a role of the adenosine system.
Academic Article c-Fos protein expression is increased in cholinergic neurons of the rodent basal forebrain during spontaneous and induced wakefulness.
Academic Article Extracellular dopamine and its metabolites in the nucleus accumbens of Fischer and Lewis rats: basal levels and cocaine-induced changes.
Academic Article Adenosine: a mediator of the sleep-inducing effects of prolonged wakefulness.
Academic Article Adenosinergic modulation of basal forebrain and preoptic/anterior hypothalamic neuronal activity in the control of behavioral state.
Academic Article Adenosinergic inhibition of basal forebrain wakefulness-active neurons: a simultaneous unit recording and microdialysis study in freely behaving cats.
Academic Article Wakefulness-inducing effects of histamine in the basal forebrain of freely moving rats.
Academic Article Microdialysis elevation of adenosine in the basal forebrain produces vigilance impairments in the rat psychomotor vigilance task.
Academic Article Human fetal basal forebrain neurons grafted to the denervated rat hippocampus produce an organotypic cholinergic reinnervation pattern.
Academic Article Combined cholinergic and serotonergic denervation of the forebrain produces severe deficits in a spatial learning task in the rat.
Academic Article Sleep fragmentation impairs ventilatory long-term facilitation via adenosine A1 receptors.
Concept Prosencephalon
Concept Basal Nucleus of Meynert
Concept Basal Metabolism
Concept Basal Ganglia
Academic Article Cortically projecting basal forebrain parvalbumin neurons regulate cortical gamma band oscillations.
Academic Article Chronic sleep restriction induces long-lasting changes in adenosine and noradrenaline receptor density in the rat brain.
Grant Adenosine and the Basal Forebrain in the Control of Behavioral State
Grant Sleep loss impairment of arousal and cognition: role of the basal forebrain
Academic Article Activation of basal forebrain purinergic P2 receptors promotes wakefulness in mice.
Academic Article Basal Forebrain Parvalbumin Neurons Mediate Arousals from Sleep Induced by Hypercarbia or Auditory Stimuli.
Grant BLRD Research Career Scientist Award Application
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