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Academic Article Relationship between cerebrospinal fluid glucose and serum glucose.
Academic Article Risk factors for traumatic or unsuccessful lumbar punctures in children.
Academic Article Lumbar puncture success rate is not influenced by family-member presence.
Academic Article Validation of a clinical prediction rule to distinguish Lyme meningitis from aseptic meningitis.
Academic Article Correction of cerebrospinal fluid protein for the presence of red blood cells in children with a traumatic lumbar puncture.
Academic Article Effect of antibiotic pretreatment on cerebrospinal fluid profiles of children with bacterial meningitis.
Academic Article Adjustment of cerebrospinal fluid protein for red blood cells in neonates and young infants.
Concept Spinal Puncture
Academic Article The effect of traumatic lumbar puncture on hospitalization rate for febrile infants 28 to 60 days of age.
Academic Article Interpretation of Cerebrospinal Fluid White Blood Cell Counts in Young Infants With a Traumatic Lumbar Puncture.
Academic Article Diagnostic Lumbar Puncture Among Children With Facial Palsy in a Lyme Disease Endemic Area.
Academic Article Utility of Lumbar Puncture in Children Presenting With Status Epilepticus.
Academic Article Correction of Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein in Infants With Traumatic Lumbar Punctures.
Academic Article X Marks the Spot (or Does It?): Ultrasonography-Assisted Site Marking for Lumbar Puncture in Children: Answers to the May 2017 Journal Club Questions.
Academic Article X Marks the Spot (or Does It?): Ultrasonography-Assisted Site Marking for Lumbar Puncture in Children: May 2017 Annals of Emergency Medicine Journal Club.
Academic Article Cerebrospinal Fluid Reference Values for Young Infants Undergoing Lumbar Puncture.
Academic Article Risk Stratification of Febrile Infants =60 Days Old Without Routine Lumbar Puncture.
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