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Academic Article A Golgi localization signal identified in the Menkes recombinant protein.
Academic Article Characterization of the Menkes protein copper-binding domains and their role in copper-induced protein relocalization.
Academic Article Actin and microtubule regulation of trans-Golgi network architecture, and copper-dependent protein transport to the cell surface.
Academic Article The Menkes disease ATPase (ATP7A) is internalized via a Rac1-regulated, clathrin- and caveolae-independent pathway.
Academic Article Activation of ADP-ribosylation factor regulates biogenesis of the ATP7A-containing trans-Golgi network compartment and its Cu-induced trafficking.
Academic Article Novel membrane traffic steps regulate the exocytosis of the Menkes disease ATPase.
Academic Article Identification of a di-leucine motif within the C terminus domain of the Menkes disease protein that mediates endocytosis from the plasma membrane.
Academic Article Menkes and Wilson diseases.
Academic Article Isolation of a candidate gene for Menkes disease that encodes a potential heavy metal binding protein.
Academic Article Characterization of the exon structure of the Menkes disease gene using vectorette PCR.
Academic Article Cloning the Wilson disease gene.
Academic Article Genomic studies of gene expression: regulation of the Wilson disease gene.
Concept Copper
Academic Article Trafficking of the Menkes copper transporter ATP7A is regulated by clathrin-, AP-2-, AP-1-, and Rab22-dependent steps.
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