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Academic Article Allelotype mapping of unstable microsatellites establishes direct lineage continuity between endometrial precancers and cancer.
Academic Article Sporadic microsatellite instability is specific to neoplastic and preneoplastic endometrial tissues.
Academic Article Identification of a basal/reserve cell immunophenotype in benign and neoplastic endometrium: a study with the p53 homologue p63.
Academic Article Molecular identification of latent precancers in histologically normal endometrium.
Academic Article Estradiol-induced hyperplasia in endometrial biopsies from women on hormone replacement therapy.
Academic Article Endometrial changes from short-term therapy with CDB-4124, a selective progesterone receptor modulator.
Academic Article Utility of PAX2 as a marker for diagnosis of endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia.
Academic Article PTEN expression in endometrial biopsies as a marker of progression to endometrial carcinoma.
Academic Article Clinical outcome in diagnostically ambiguous foci of 'gland crowding' in the endometrium.
Academic Article Hertig and beyond: a systematic and practical approach to the endometrial biopsy.
Academic Article Changes in endometrial PTEN expression throughout the human menstrual cycle.
Academic Article Prediction of endometrial carcinoma by subjective endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia diagnosis.
Academic Article Mucinous endometrial epithelial proliferations: a morphologic spectrum of changes with diverse clinical significance.
Academic Article Coexisting intraepithelial serous carcinomas of the endometrium and fallopian tube: frequency and potential significance.
Academic Article X chromosome inactivation in the normal female genital tract: implications for identification of neoplasia.
Academic Article Squamous morules are functionally inert elements of premalignant endometrial neoplasia.
Academic Article Management of endometrial precancers.
Academic Article Uteri of women with endometrial carcinoma contain a histopathological spectrum of monoclonal putative precancers, some with microsatellite instability.
Academic Article The spectrum of endometrial pathology induced by progesterone receptor modulators.
Concept Endometrium
Academic Article Endometrial intraepithelial neoplasia with secretory differentiation: diagnostic features and underlying mechanisms.
Academic Article Emergence, involution, and progression to carcinoma of mutant clones in normal endometrial tissues.
Academic Article Dyssynchronous secretory endometrial glands often show sporadically acquired progesterone nonresponsiveness.
Grant Hormonal modulation of latent endometrial precancers
Academic Article Template for Reporting Results of Biomarker Testing of Specimens From Patients With Carcinoma of the Endometrium.
Academic Article A New Classification of Benign, Premalignant, and Malignant Endometrial Tissues Using Machine Learning Applied to 1413 Candidate Variables.
Academic Article Computational augmentation of neoplastic endometrial glands in digital pathology displays.
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