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Academic Article Somatic panic-attack equivalents in a community sample of Rwandan widows who survived the 1994 genocide.
Academic Article Panic disorder, somatization, and the new cross-cultural psychiatry: the seven bodies of a medical anthropology of panic.
Academic Article Neck-focused panic attacks among Cambodian refugees; a logistic and linear regression analysis.
Academic Article Toward a medical anthropology of sensations: definitions and research agenda.
Academic Article Dizziness and panic in China: associated sensations of zang fu organ disequilibrium.
Academic Article The 'multiplex model' of somatic symptoms: application to tinnitus among traumatized Cambodian refugees.
Academic Article Idioms of distress among trauma survivors: subtypes and clinical utility.
Academic Article Khyâl attacks: a key idiom of distress among traumatized cambodia refugees.
Academic Article Olfactory-triggered panic attacks among Khmer refugees: a contextual approach.
Academic Article Tinnitus among Cambodian refugees: relationship to PTSD severity.
Academic Article Gastrointestinal-focused panic attacks among Cambodian refugees: associated psychopathology, flashbacks, and catastrophic cognitions.
Academic Article Ataque de nervios: relationship to anxiety sensitivity and dissociation predisposition.
Concept Somatoform Disorders
Academic Article PTSD and key somatic complaints and cultural syndromes among rural Cambodians: the results of a needs assessment survey.
Academic Article The relationship of PTSD to key somatic complaints and cultural syndromes among Cambodian refugees attending a psychiatric clinic: the Cambodian Somatic Symptom and Syndrome Inventory (CSSI).
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  • Somatoform Disorders
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