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Academic Article Treatment of pharmacotherapy-refractory posttraumatic stress disorder among Cambodian refugees: a pilot study of combination treatment with cognitive-behavior therapy vs sertraline alone.
Academic Article Anger-associated panic attacks in Cambodian refugees with PTSD; a multiple baseline examination of clinical data.
Academic Article 'Hit by the wind' and temperature-shift panic among Vietnamese refugees.
Academic Article Sleep paralysis among Cambodian refugees: association with PTSD diagnosis and severity.
Academic Article Somatic panic-attack equivalents in a community sample of Rwandan widows who survived the 1994 genocide.
Academic Article Neck-focused panic attacks among Cambodian refugees; a logistic and linear regression analysis.
Academic Article CBT for Vietnamese refugees with treatment-resistant PTSD and panic attacks: a pilot study.
Academic Article Panic disorder among Cambodian refugees attending a psychiatric clinic. Prevalence and subtypes.
Academic Article Worry, worry attacks, and PTSD among Cambodian refugees: a path analysis investigation.
Academic Article The panic attack-posttraumatic stress disorder model: applicability to orthostatic panic among Cambodian refugees.
Academic Article Olfactory-triggered panic attacks among Cambodian refugees attending a psychiatric clinic.
Academic Article Orthostatic panic attacks among Vietnamese refugees.
Academic Article Weak kidney and panic attacks in a traumatized Vietnamese male.
Academic Article A randomized controlled trial of cognitive-behavior therapy for Cambodian refugees with treatment-resistant PTSD and panic attacks: a cross-over design.
Academic Article The 'multiplex model' of somatic symptoms: application to tinnitus among traumatized Cambodian refugees.
Academic Article Idioms of distress among trauma survivors: subtypes and clinical utility.
Academic Article A unique panic-disorder presentation among Khmer refugees: the sore-neck syndrome.
Academic Article Childhood trauma, personality disorders symptoms and current major depressive disorder in Togo.
Academic Article Culturally adapted CBT (CA-CBT) for Latino women with treatment-resistant PTSD: a pilot study comparing CA-CBT to applied muscle relaxation.
Academic Article Somatic-focused therapy for traumatized refugees: Treating posttraumatic stress disorder and comorbid neck-focused panic attacks among cambodian refugees.
Academic Article Khyâl attacks: a key idiom of distress among traumatized cambodia refugees.
Academic Article Assessment of posttraumatic stress disorder in Cambodian refugees using the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale: psychometric properties and symptom severity.
Academic Article Introduction to the special section: Nightmares of trauma victims--cross-cultural perspectives.
Academic Article Anger, PTSD, and the nuclear family: a study of Cambodian refugees.
Academic Article Nightmares among Cambodian refugees: the breaching of concentric ontological security.
Academic Article Mechanisms of efficacy of CBT for Cambodian refugees with PTSD: improvement in emotion regulation and orthostatic blood pressure response.
Academic Article Olfactory-triggered panic attacks among Khmer refugees: a contextual approach.
Academic Article Orthostatically induced panic attacks among Vietnamese refugees: associated psychopathology, flashbacks, and catastrophic cognitions.
Academic Article Tinnitus among Cambodian refugees: relationship to PTSD severity.
Academic Article Gastrointestinal-focused panic attacks among Cambodian refugees: associated psychopathology, flashbacks, and catastrophic cognitions.
Concept Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic
Academic Article A cross-ethnic comparison of lifetime prevalence rates of anxiety disorders.
Academic Article The cross-cultural validity of posttraumatic stress disorder: implications for DSM-5.
Academic Article Adapting CBT for traumatized refugees and ethnic minority patients: examples from culturally adapted CBT (CA-CBT).
Academic Article Loving-kindness in the treatment of traumatized refugees and minority groups: a typology of mindfulness and the nodal network model of affect and affect regulation.
Academic Article PTSD and key somatic complaints and cultural syndromes among rural Cambodians: the results of a needs assessment survey.
Academic Article The relationship of PTSD to key somatic complaints and cultural syndromes among Cambodian refugees attending a psychiatric clinic: the Cambodian Somatic Symptom and Syndrome Inventory (CSSI).
Academic Article Normal grief and complicated bereavement among traumatized Cambodian refugees: cultural context and the central role of dreams of the dead.
Academic Article Local responses to trauma: symptom, affect, and healing.
Academic Article Treatment change of somatic symptoms and cultural syndromes among Cambodian refugees with PTSD.
Academic Article Dreams of the dead among Cambodian refugees: frequency, phenomenology, and relationship to complicated grief and posttraumatic stress disorder.
Academic Article The "Thinking a Lot" Idiom of Distress and PTSD: An Examination of Their Relationship among Traumatized Cambodian Refugees Using the "Thinking a Lot" Questionnaire.
Academic Article Sleep Paralysis Among Egyptian College Students: Association With Anxiety Symptoms (PTSD, Trait Anxiety, Pathological Worry).
Academic Article Somatic Symptoms Mediate the Relationship Between Trauma During the Arab Spring and Quality of Life Among Tunisians.
Grant Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Khmer Refugees: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Grant Two Stepped Care Models for PTSD among Cambodian Refugees in Primary Care
Grant Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Khmer Refugees
Academic Article Modifying Exposure-Based CBT for Cambodian Refugees with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Academic Article Prevalence and Predictors of Posttraumatic Stress and Depression Symptoms Among Syrian Refugees in a Refugee Camp.
Academic Article Migraine-Like Visual Auras Among Traumatized Cambodians with PTSD: Fear of Ghost Attack and Other Disasters.
Academic Article Culturally Sensitive Assessment of Anxious-Depressive Distress in Vietnam: Avoiding Category Truncation.
Academic Article Ghost Encounters Among Traumatized Cambodian Refugees: Severity, Relationship to PTSD, and Phenomenology.
Academic Article A network analysis of culturally relevant anxiety sensitivity and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms in Cambodians.
Academic Article Culturally Adapted Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Plus Problem Management (CA-CBT+) With Afghan Refugees: A Randomized Controlled Pilot Study.
Academic Article Auditory Hallucination Among Traumatized Cambodian Refugees: PTSD Association and Biocultural Shaping.
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