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Academic Article Induction of AIDS by simian immunodeficiency virus lacking NF-kappaB and SP1 binding elements.
Academic Article Selection of genetic variants of simian immunodeficiency virus in persistently infected rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Use of lentivirus-like particles alone and in combination with live vaccinia-virus-based vaccines.
Academic Article Effect of CD8+ lymphocyte depletion on virus containment after simian immunodeficiency virus SIVmac251 challenge of live attenuated SIVmac239delta3-vaccinated rhesus macaques.
Academic Article Highly attenuated vaccine strains of simian immunodeficiency virus protect against vaginal challenge: inverse relationship of degree of protection with level of attenuation.
Academic Article Removal of N-linked glycosylation sites in the V1 region of simian immunodeficiency virus gp120 results in redirection of B-cell responses to V3.
Academic Article AIDS vaccine developments.
Academic Article Evolution of envelope-specific antibody responses in monkeys experimentally infected or immunized with simian immunodeficiency virus and its association with the development of protective immunity.
Academic Article Identification and characterization of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus K8.1 virion glycoprotein.
Academic Article Whole inactivated SIV virion vaccines with functional envelope glycoproteins: safety, immunogenicity, and activity against intrarectal challenge.
Academic Article A role for carbohydrates in immune evasion in AIDS.
Academic Article Experimental transmission of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus (KSHV/HHV-8) to SIV-positive and SIV-negative rhesus macaques.
Academic Article Use of simian immunodeficiency virus for vaccine research.
Academic Article Potent antibody-mediated neutralization and evolution of antigenic escape variants of simian immunodeficiency virus strain SIVmac239 in vivo.
Academic Article Prevalence of antibodies to SIV in baboons in their native habitat.
Academic Article Glycosylation of gp41 of simian immunodeficiency virus shields epitopes that can be targets for neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Envelope sequence variation, neutralizing antibodies, and primate lentivirus persistence.
Academic Article Sexual transmission of SIVagm in wild grivet monkeys.
Academic Article Ability of herpes simplex virus vectors to boost immune responses to DNA vectors and to protect against challenge by simian immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Modulation of HIV and SIV neutralization sensitivity by DC-SIGN and mannose-binding lectin.
Academic Article Induction of vigorous cytotoxic T-lymphocyte responses by live attenuated simian immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Vector-mediated gene transfer engenders long-lived neutralizing activity and protection against SIV infection in monkeys.
Academic Article Antibodies to type D retrovirus in talapoin monkeys.
Academic Article Progression to AIDS in the absence of a gene for vpr or vpx.
Academic Article CD4 independence of simian immunodeficiency virus Envs is associated with macrophage tropism, neutralization sensitivity, and attenuated pathogenicity.
Academic Article Identification of two N-linked glycosylation sites within the core of the simian immunodeficiency virus glycoprotein whose removal enhances sensitivity to soluble CD4.
Academic Article Vaccine protection by live, attenuated simian immunodeficiency virus in the absence of high-titer antibody responses and high-frequency cellular immune responses measurable in the periphery.
Academic Article A genetic system for rhesus monkey rhadinovirus: use of recombinant virus to quantitate antibody-mediated neutralization.
Academic Article Simian immunodeficiency virus mutants resistant to serum neutralization arise during persistent infection of rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Seroprevalence of HIV-1 and HIV-2 in Guinea Bissau in 1980.
Academic Article Long-term persistent infection of macaque monkeys with the simian immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Immunization of rhesus macaques with a DNA prime/modified vaccinia virus Ankara boost regimen induces broad simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)-specific T-cell responses and reduces initial viral replication but does not prevent disease progression following challenge with pathogenic SIVmac239.
Academic Article Direct relationship between suppression of virus-specific immunity and emergence of cytomegalovirus disease in simian AIDS.
Academic Article Assorted mutations in the envelope gene of simian immunodeficiency virus lead to loss of neutralization resistance against antibodies representing a broad spectrum of specificities.
Academic Article Live, attenuated simian immunodeficiency virus vaccines elicit potent resistance against a challenge with a human immunodeficiency virus type 1 chimeric virus.
Academic Article Ability of the V3 loop of simian immunodeficiency virus to serve as a target for antibody-mediated neutralization: correlation of neutralization sensitivity, growth in macrophages, and decreased dependence on CD4.
Academic Article Effects of natural sequence variation on recognition by monoclonal antibodies neutralize simian immunodeficiency virus infectivity.
Academic Article A herpesvirus of rhesus monkeys related to the human Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus.
Academic Article Vaccine protection against simian immunodeficiency virus by recombinant strains of herpes simplex virus.
Academic Article Complement-mediated, infection-enhancing antibodies in plasma from vaccinated macaques before and after inoculation with live simian immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Diversity of envelope genes from an uncloned stock of SIVmac251.
Academic Article Immunization of macaques with single-cycle simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) stimulates diverse virus-specific immune responses and reduces viral loads after challenge with SIVmac239.
Academic Article Infection of baboons with human immunodeficiency virus-2 (HIV-2)
Academic Article Vaccine protection against simian immunodeficiency virus infection.
Academic Article ADCC develops over time during persistent infection with live-attenuated SIV and is associated with complete protection against SIV(mac)251 challenge.
Academic Article Humoral immune responses to T cell tropic retrovirus simian T lymphotropic virus type III in monkeys with experimentally induced acquired immune deficiency-like syndrome.
Academic Article Titration and characterization of two rhesus-derived SIVmac challenge stocks.
Academic Article Virion envelope content, infectivity, and neutralization sensitivity of simian immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Neutralizing antibodies in sera from macaques immunized with attenuated simian immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Identification of the R1 oncogene and its protein product from the rhadinovirus of rhesus monkeys.
Academic Article Lymphoma in macaques: association with virus of human T lymphotrophic family.
Academic Article Neutralization sensitivity of cell culture-passaged simian immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Vaccine protection against simian immunodeficiency virus in monkeys using recombinant gamma-2 herpesvirus.
Concept Antibodies, Viral
Academic Article AAV-Delivered Antibody Mediates Significant Protective Effects against SIVmac239 Challenge in the Absence of Neutralizing Activity.
Academic Article Host Anti-antibody Responses Following Adeno-associated Virus-mediated Delivery of Antibodies Against HIV and SIV in Rhesus Monkeys.
Academic Article Persistent Low-Level Replication of SIV?nef Drives Maturation of Antibody and CD8 T Cell Responses to Induce Protective Immunity against Vaginal SIV Infection.
Academic Article Use of a Recombinant Gamma-2 Herpesvirus Vaccine Vector against Dengue Virus in Rhesus Monkeys.
Academic Article A human inferred germline antibody binds to an immunodominant epitope and neutralizes Zika virus.
Academic Article Vaccine-induced immune responses against both Gag and Env improve control of simian immunodeficiency virus replication in rectally challenged rhesus macaques.
Academic Article Potent Plasmablast-Derived Antibodies Elicited by the National Institutes of Health Dengue Vaccine.
Academic Article Dengue Virus Evades AAV-Mediated Neutralizing Antibody Prophylaxis in Rhesus Monkeys.
Academic Article Fetal demise and failed antibody therapy during Zika virus infection of pregnant macaques.
Academic Article Mamu-B*17+ Rhesus Macaques Vaccinated with env, vif, and nef Manifest Early Control of SIVmac239 Replication.
Academic Article Vaccine protection against SIVmac239 acquisition.
Academic Article Vaccine protection against rectal acquisition of SIVmac239 in rhesus macaques.
Academic Article Long-Term Delivery of an Anti-SIV Monoclonal Antibody With AAV.
Academic Article Rectal Acquisition of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) SIVmac239 Infection despite Vaccine-Induced Immune Responses against the Entire SIV Proteome.
Academic Article Recombinant Herpesvirus Vectors: Durable Immune Responses and Durable Protection against Simian Immunodeficiency Virus SIVmac239 Acquisition.
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