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Academic Article Improved vascularization of planar membrane diffusion devices following continuous infusion of vascular endothelial growth factor.
Academic Article Islets in alginate macrobeads reverse diabetes despite minimal acute insulin secretory responses.
Academic Article Quantitative assessment of islets of Langerhans encapsulated in alginate.
Academic Article Survival of microencapsulated adult pig islets in mice in spite of an antibody response.
Academic Article Function and survival of macroencapsulated syngeneic islets transplanted into streptozocin-diabetic mice.
Academic Article C-peptide responses after meal challenge in mice transplanted with microencapsulated rat islets.
Academic Article Complete protection of islets against allorejection and autoimmunity by a simple barium-alginate membrane.
Academic Article Macrophage depletion improves survival of porcine neonatal pancreatic cell clusters contained in alginate macrocapsules transplanted into rats.
Academic Article Survival and maturation of microencapsulated porcine neonatal pancreatic cell clusters transplanted into immunocompetent diabetic mice.
Academic Article Rat islet cell aggregates are superior to islets for transplantation in microcapsules.
Concept Capsules
Academic Article Core-shell hydrogel microcapsules for improved islets encapsulation.
Academic Article Enhanced function of immuno-isolated islets in diabetes therapy by co-encapsulation with an anti-inflammatory drug.
Academic Article Islet encapsulation: advances and obstacles.
Grant Islet Transplantation - Protection by Immunobarriers
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