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Academic Article Radiofrequency Ablation Using an Open Irrigated Electrode Cooled With Half-Normal Saline.
Academic Article Effect of Irrigant Characteristics on Lesion Formation After Radiofrequency Energy Delivery Using Ablation Catheters with Actively Cooled Tips.
Academic Article Clinical and biophysical evaluation of variable bipolar configurations during radiofrequency ablation for treatment of ventricular arrhythmias.
Academic Article Effect of catheter movement and contact during application of radiofrequency energy on ablation lesion characteristics.
Academic Article Use of Tissue Electric and Ultrasound Characteristics to Predict and Prevent Steam-Generated Cavitation During High-Power Radiofrequency Ablation.
Academic Article Effect of Environmental Impedance Surrounding a Radiofrequency Ablation Catheter Electrode on Lesion Characteristics
Academic Article Longer Duration Versus Increasing Power During Radiofrequency Ablation Yields Different Ablation Lesion Characteristics.
Academic Article Enhanced Radiofrequency Ablation With Magnetically Directed Metallic Nanoparticles.
Academic Article Effect of radiofrequency energy delivery in proximity to metallic medical device components.
Academic Article Effects of radiofrequency energy delivered through partially insulated metallic catheter tips on myocardial tissue heating and ablation lesion characteristics.
Academic Article Carbon nanotube facilitation of myocardial ablation with radiofrequency energy.
Academic Article Protection of Critical Structures During Radiofrequency Ablation of Adjacent Myocardial Tissue Using Catheter Tips Partially Insulated With Thermally Conductive Material.
Academic Article Bipolar radiofrequency ablation creates different lesion characteristics compared to simultaneous unipolar ablation.
Academic Article Impact of epicardial adipose tissue and catheter ablation strategy on biophysical parameters and ablation lesion characteristics.
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