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Academic Article Better the devil you know? High-risk individuals' anticipated psychological responses to genetic testing for melanoma susceptibility.
Academic Article Skin cancer screening behaviours among individuals with a strong family history of malignant melanoma.
Academic Article Attitudes to genetic testing in families with multiple cases of bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Fetal and post-natal diagnosis of major congenital heart disease: implications for medical and psychological care in the current era.
Academic Article Need for Routine Screening of Health-Related Quality of Life in Families of Young Children with Complex Congenital Heart Disease.
Academic Article Through the looking glass: an exploratory study of the lived experiences and unmet needs of families affected by Von Hippel-Lindau disease.
Academic Article Children's experiences of congenital heart disease: a systematic review of qualitative studies.
Academic Article Interdisciplinary psychosocial care for families with inherited cardiovascular diseases.
Academic Article Genetic testing for melanoma risk: a prospective cohort study of uptake and outcomes among Australian families.
Academic Article Posttraumatic Stress and Prolonged Grief After the Sudden Cardiac Death of a Young Relative.
Academic Article Attitudes towards childbearing, causal attributions for bipolar disorder and psychological distress: a study of families with multiple cases of bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Perceptions of genetic research and testing among members of families with an increased risk of malignant melanoma.
Academic Article Predictors of psychological distress among individuals with a strong family history of malignant melanoma.
Grant Developing an evidence base for the psychological care of children and families affected by congenital heart disease.
Grant Identifying causal genetic variants in multiple primary melanoma and modifier variants in families with inherited melanoma, and exploring whether psychological constructs such as genetic fatalism are associated with sun protective and screening behaviors in high-risk individuals.
Grant Critical illness in children: Can we afford to neglect the psychosocial risks? Impact, acceptability and cost effectiveness of routine psychosocial assessment for families of infants with heart disease.
Grant Psychological impact of melanoma risk on families.
Grant Psychological wellbeing and coping amongst young adults with von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) disease and their families.
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