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Concept Genetic Linkage
Academic Article Heritability of brain volume, surface area and shape: an MRI study in an extended pedigree of baboons.
Academic Article Whole brain and regional hyperintense white matter volume and blood pressure: overlap of genetic loci produced by bivariate, whole-genome linkage analyses.
Academic Article Genome-wide significant loci for addiction and anxiety.
Academic Article Pleiotropic locus for emotion recognition and amygdala volume identified using univariate and bivariate linkage.
Academic Article Identification of pleiotropic genetic effects on obesity and brain anatomy.
Academic Article Genome-wide significant linkage of schizophrenia-related neuroanatomical trait to 12q24.
Academic Article Spatial working memory as an endophenotype for schizophrenia.
Academic Article Elucidating continuities and discontinuities between schizotypy and schizophrenia in the nervous system.
Academic Article Recurrent major depression and right hippocampal volume: A bivariate linkage and association study.
Academic Article High dimensional endophenotype ranking in the search for major depression risk genes.
Academic Article Novel QTL at chromosome 6p22 for alcohol consumption: Implications for the genetic liability of alcohol use disorders.
Academic Article Multisystem component phenotypes of bipolar disorder for genetic investigations of extended pedigrees.
Academic Article Analysis of genetic variability and whole genome linkage of whole-brain, subcortical, and ependymal hyperintense white matter volume.
Academic Article Neuroimaging endophenotypes: strategies for finding genes influencing brain structure and function.
Academic Article Genome-wide linkage on chromosome 10q26 for a dimensional scale of major depression.
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