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Academic Article A Japanese case of familial Mediterranean fever presenting diffuse bone marrow uptake of FDG-PET and high levels of neutrophil membrane CD64 expression.
Concept Chest Pain
Concept Pain Threshold
Concept Abdominal Pain
Concept Pain Perception
Concept Pain Measurement
Concept Pain
Academic Article Examination of contraction-induced muscle pain as a behavioral correlate of physical activity in women with and without fibromyalgia.
Academic Article Preliminary investigation of absent nociceptive flexion reflex responses among more symptomatic women with fibromyalgia syndrome.
Academic Article Muscle pain and blood pressure responses during isometric handgrip exercise in healthy African American and non-Hispanic White adults.
Academic Article Pain mediates the association between physical activity and the impact of fibromyalgia on daily function.
Academic Article Exercise, hypoalgesia and blood pressure.
Academic Article Patterns of pain descriptor usage in African Americans and European Americans with chronic pain.
Academic Article A smaller magnitude of exercise-induced hypoalgesia in African Americans compared to non-Hispanic Whites: A potential influence of physical activity.
Academic Article Influence of blood pressure elevations by isometric exercise on pain perception in women.
Academic Article Conditioned pain modulation among young, healthy, and physically active African American and non-Hispanic White adults.
Academic Article Influence of moderate intensity physical activity levels and gender on conditioned pain modulation.
Academic Article Contralateral attenuation of pain after short-duration submaximal isometric exercise.
Academic Article Effects of caffeinated chewing gum on muscle pain during submaximal isometric exercise in individuals with fibromyalgia.
Academic Article Examination of the dose-response relationship between pain perception and blood pressure elevations induced by isometric exercise in men and women.
Academic Article Comparisons of Conditioned Pain Modulation and Physical Activity Between Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Adults.
Academic Article Atypical Familial Mediterranean Fever Complicated with Gastrointestinal Amyloidosis Diagnosed due to Paroxysmal Arthralgia and Intractable Diarrhea, Successfully Treated with Tocilizumab.
Academic Article Gender Differences in the Prevalence of Chronic Pain and Leisure Time Physical Activity Among US Adults: A NHANES Study.
Academic Article Chronic Pain, Physical Activity, and All-Cause Mortality in the US Adults: The NHANES 1999-2004 Follow-Up Study.
Academic Article Comparable conditioned pain modulation and augmented blood pressure responses to cold pressor test among resistance exercisers compared to healthy controls.
Academic Article Depression Mediates the Relationship between Food Insecurity and Pain Interference in College Students.
Academic Article Replication and extension of the link between the cardiovascular system and sensitivity to social pain in healthy adults.
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