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overview Lynn Wein Bush, PhD MS MA, is a Bioethicist-Developmental Scientist with an interdisciplinary graduate background, earning degrees from Columbia University in Clinical Psychology, child & neuroscience subspecialty (PhD, MS, Internship and Fellowships); MS Bioethics with genomics, reproductive-pediatric ethics, public health focus; and MA Developmental Psychology, infancy and neurodevelopment centric. This foundation, combined with Postgraduate courses in genomics, fetology, neuroscience and decades of experience in NICUs, PICUs, Pediatric specialty units, and Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinics informs her writings, research, and teaching on the ethical, psychosocial, scientific, and policy challenges of genomic testing and therapies along with other innovative technologies involving embryos, fetuses, newborns, infants, children, and women. Her focus is on the complexities, uncertainties, and contextual nuances posed during the prenatal-neonatal period, especially with rare disease, diagnostic odysseys, inborn errors of metabolism, neurodevelopment disorders, and the development of novel therapeutics. Dr. Bush is currently on faculty division of Genetics and Genomics, department of Pediatrics at Boston Children's Hospital as Research Associate, faculty at HMS Center for Bioethics, and a member of The Academy at Harvard Medical School. Until recently, she was a long-time faculty member at Columbia University Medical Center in Pediatric Clinical Genetics, faculty program in Women and Children's Bioethics, and a member of the Clinical Ethics Committee at Children's Hospital New York.
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