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Academic Article Axis I and axis II disorders as predictors of prospective suicide attempts: findings from the collaborative longitudinal personality disorders study.
Academic Article Overview of workshop on drug abuse and suicidal behavior.
Academic Article Recent life events preceding suicide attempts in a personality disorder sample: findings from the collaborative longitudinal personality disorders study.
Academic Article Borderline personality disorder criteria associated with prospectively observed suicidal behavior.
Academic Article Self-harm subscale of the Schedule for Nonadaptive and Adaptive Personality (SNAP): predicting suicide attempts over 8 years of follow-up.
Academic Article Individuals with single versus multiple suicide attempts over 10years of prospective follow-up.
Academic Article Irritability and elation in a large bipolar youth sample: relative symptom severity and clinical outcomes over 4 years.
Academic Article Personality traits as prospective predictors of suicide attempts.
Concept Suicide, Attempted
Academic Article Adolescent and caregiver perception of family functioning: relation to suicide ideation and attempts.
Academic Article Personality disorder risk factors for suicide attempts over 10 years of follow-up.
Academic Article Skills to Enhance Positivity in Suicidal Adolescents: Results From an Open Development Trial.
Academic Article Suicide Ideation in Adolescents Following Inpatient Hospitalization: Examination of Intensity and Lability Over 6 Months.
Academic Article Follow-up treatment utilization by hospitalized suicidal adolescents.
Academic Article Predictors of prospectively examined suicide attempts among youth with bipolar disorder.
Academic Article Coping long term with active suicide in adolescents: Results from a pilot randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Family-focused cognitive behavioral treatment for depressed adolescents in suicidal crisis with co-occurring risk factors: a randomized trial.
Academic Article Time varying prediction of thoughts of death and suicidal ideation in adolescents: weekly ratings over 6-month follow-up.
Academic Article Suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in body dysmorphic disorder.
Academic Article Adolescent inpatient girls? report of dependent life events predicts prospective suicide risk.
Academic Article Borderline personality disorder in suicidal adolescents.
Grant Coping Long-Term with Attempted Suicide Program - Adolescents
Academic Article Prospective study of risk factors for suicidal behavior in individuals with anxiety disorders.
Academic Article Sexual orientation differences in non-suicidal self-injury, suicidality, and psychosocial factors among an inpatient psychiatric sample of adolescents.
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