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Academic Article Improving access to geriatric mental health services: a randomized trial comparing treatment engagement with integrated versus enhanced referral care for depression, anxiety, and at-risk alcohol use.
Academic Article Enhanced skills training and health care management for older persons with severe mental illness.
Academic Article Improving mental health assessment and service planning practices for older adults: a controlled comparison study.
Concept Community Networks
Concept Residence Characteristics
Concept Community Health Centers
Concept Community-Institutional Relations
Concept Community Health Services
Concept Community Mental Health Centers
Concept Community-Based Participatory Research
Concept Community Mental Health Services
Academic Article Digital technology for treating and preventing mental disorders in low-income and middle-income countries: a narrative review of the literature.
Academic Article Technology-Supported Peer-to-Peer Intervention for People With Serious Mental Illness.
Academic Article The Affordable Care Act, Accountable Care Organizations, and Mental Health Care for Older Adults: Implications and Opportunities.
Academic Article Preferences for Smoking Cessation Support from Family and Friends Among Adults with Serious Mental Illness.
Academic Article How people with serious mental illness use smartphones, mobile apps, and social media.
Academic Article Activating older adults with serious mental illness for collaborative primary care visits.
Academic Article Feasibility of Behavioral Weight Loss Treatment Enhanced with Peer Support and Mobile Health Technology for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness.
Academic Article Facilitating Partner Support for Lifestyle Change Among Adults with Serious Mental Illness: A Feasibility Pilot Study.
Academic Article Pain intensity, depressive symptoms, and functional limitations among older adults with serious mental illness.
Academic Article Implementation of a Lifestyle Intervention for People With Serious Mental Illness in State-Funded Mental Health Centers.
Academic Article Commentary: the forgotten older adult with serious mental illness: the final challenge in achieving the promise of Olmstead?
Academic Article A systematic review of the effectiveness of community-based mental health outreach services for older adults.
Academic Article Randomized Trial of Interventions for Smoking Cessation Among Medicaid Beneficiaries With Mental Illness.
Academic Article Mortality Risk Along the Frailty Spectrum: Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 1999 to 2004.
Academic Article Factors associated with depression detection in a New Hampshire mental health outreach program.
Academic Article A qualitative study of social facilitators and barriers to health behavior change among persons with serious mental illness.
Academic Article Translating research into practice: case study of a community-based dementia caregiver intervention.
Academic Article Increasing US health plan coverage for exercise programming in community mental health settings for people with serious mental illness: a position statement from the Society of Behavior Medicine and the American College of Sports Medicine.
Academic Article A Multipronged, Adaptive Approach for the Recruitment of Diverse Community-Residing Elders with Memory Impairment: The MIND at Home Experience.
Academic Article Psychosocial rehabilitation and quality of life for older adults with serious mental illness: recent findings and future research directions.
Academic Article Preferences of older and younger adults with serious mental illness for involvement in decision-making in medical and psychiatric settings.
Academic Article Antipsychotic Cardiometabolic Side Effect Monitoring in a State Community Mental Health System.
Academic Article Use of Academic Detailing With Audit and Feedback to Improve Antipsychotic Pharmacotherapy.
Academic Article A pilot evaluation of the In SHAPE individualized health promotion intervention for adults with mental illness.
Academic Article Evidence-based mental health services for home and community.
Academic Article The Happy Older Latinos are Active (HOLA) health promotion and prevention study: study protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Expanding Cessation Pharmacotherapy Via Videoconference Educational Outreach to Prescribers.
Academic Article Characteristics and Service Use of Older Adults with Schizoaffective Disorder Versus Older Adults with Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder.
Academic Article Public-academic partnerships: a program to improve the quality of antipsychotic prescribing in a community mental health system.
Academic Article A Multi-Stakeholder Process to Transform a Community-based Screening and Referral Program to Implement Evidence-Based Depression Care.
Academic Article Improving Cardiometabolic Monitoring of Children on Antipsychotics.
Grant Community-based Health Home in an Integrated Care Partnership for Adults with SMI
Grant Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Center
Grant Rehabilitation and Health Care for Older Adults with SMI
Grant Self-Management Training and Automated Telehealth to Improve SMI Health Outcomes
Grant Early Career Development Program for Patient-Centered Outcomes Research
Grant Promoting Health &Functioning in Persons with SMI
Grant RCT of a Learning Collaborative to Implement Health Promotion in Mental Health
Grant Statewide Intervention to Reduce Early Mortality in Persons with Mental Illness
Academic Article End-user views of an electronic encounter decision aid linked to routine depression screening.
Academic Article Incentivizing healthy lifestyle behaviors to reduce cardiovascular risk in people with serious mental illness: An equipoise randomized controlled trial of the wellness incentives program.
Academic Article Addressing the Community-Based Geriatric Healthcare Workforce Shortage by Leveraging the Potential of Interprofessional Teams.
Academic Article Self-Reported Pain Intensity and Depressive Symptoms Among Community-Dwelling Older Adults with Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders.
Academic Article Community-based long-term care for older persons with severe and persistent mental illness in an era of managed care.
Academic Article Treatment of substance abuse in severely mentally ill patients.
Academic Article A comparative study of elderly patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in nursing homes and the community.
Academic Article New Hampshire's specialized services for the dually diagnosed.
Academic Article Substance abuse in schizophrenia: service utilization and costs.
Academic Article Opportunities to Improve a Mobile Obesity Wellness Intervention for Rural Older Adults with Obesity.
Academic Article Effectiveness of a Disability Preventive Intervention for Minority and Immigrant Elders: The Positive Minds-Strong Bodies Randomized Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Application of Community-Engaged Research to Inform the Development and Implementation of a Peer-Delivered Mobile Health Intervention for Adults With Serious Mental Illness.
Academic Article A Community-Based Feasibility Study of Weight-Loss in Rural, Older Adults with Obesity.
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