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Academic Article Strategies for managing imaging utilization.
Concept Radiology Department, Hospital
Concept Radiology
Concept Radiology Information Systems
Academic Article Trends in Publications in Radiology Journals Designated as Relating to Patient-Centered Care.
Academic Article Recruitment: A Critical Leadership Task.
Academic Article Comparative effectiveness research in radiology: patients, physicians and policy makers.
Academic Article Impact of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on academic radiology departments' clinical, research, and education missions.
Academic Article Transformation and Transformational Leadership: A Review of the Current and Relevant Literature for Academic Radiologists.
Academic Article Academic Radiology in 2020: articles based on the 2012 AUR Carestream Innovations in Academic Radiology Course.
Academic Article Balancing the three missions and the impact on academic radiology.
Academic Article Pricing radiology bundled CPT codes accurately.
Academic Article Making use of the evidence to guide coverage decisions.
Academic Article Professional Social Networking in Radiology: Who Is There and What Are They Doing?
Academic Article Role of Health Services Research in Radiology.
Academic Article Out of the Darkness and Into the Light: Patients, Referring Physicians, and Radiologists Working Toward Patient- and Family-Centered Care in Radiology.
Academic Article Imaging Practice Patterns: Referral Network Analysis of a Single State of Origination.
Academic Article Review of Research Reporting Guidelines for Radiology Researchers.
Academic Article The role of the VA in academic radiology: a report of the ACR's Committee on Governmental and Regulatory Affairs in Academic Radiology.
Academic Article Why academic radiologists should use social media.
Academic Article Patient- and Family-Centered Care: A Primer.
Academic Article Use of Process Improvement Tools in Radiology.
Academic Article Pricing radiology bundled CPT codes accurately: 2014.
Academic Article Decision support: the super highway between health services research and change in clinical practice.
Academic Article Lessons Learned From Two Decades of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in Radiology, Part 2: Building a Culture.
Academic Article Radiology benefit managers: cost saving or cost shifting?
Academic Article Introduction to the special issue-Health Care Reform: darkness before dawn?
Academic Article Invited commentary: metrics and value in radiology and the role of the patient.
Academic Article Health services research in radiology: meeting the needs of the professions and the patients.
Academic Article The impact of social media on readership of a peer-reviewed medical journal.
Academic Article The cost of disruptive and unprofessional behaviors in health care.
Academic Article Lessons Learned From Two Decades of Patient- and Family-Centered Care in Radiology, Part 1: Getting Started.
Academic Article Gender Diversity in Academic Radiology Departments: Barriers and Best Practices to Optimizing Inclusion and Developing Women Leaders.
Academic Article Supporting Imagers' VOICE: A National Training Program in Comparative Effectiveness Research and Big Data Analytics.
Academic Article Radiology Testing in Population Health.
Academic Article Social media in radiology: early trends in Twitter microblogging at radiology's largest international meeting.
Academic Article An Asynchronous Online Collaboration Between Radiologists and Patients: Harnessing the Power of Informatics to Design the Ideal Patient Portal.
Academic Article Patient- and Family-Centered Care: Why Radiology?
Academic Article Health Services Research Tools for the Next Generation of Radiologists.
Academic Article Society of Chairs of Academic Radiology Departments Statement of Support for Paid Parental Leave.
Academic Article Fortifying Our Teams to Best Serve Our Patients: A Report of the 2019 Summer Intersociety Meeting.
Academic Article Prospective Analysis of Radiology Resource Utilization and Outcomes for Participation in Oncology Multidisciplinary Conferences.
Academic Article Operational Radiology Recovery in Academic Radiology Departments After the COVID-19 Pandemic: Moving Toward Normalcy.
Academic Article Academic Radiology, Systemic Inequity and Health Disparities.
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