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Concept Herpesvirus 1, Human
Concept Herpesvirus 4, Human
Concept Herpesvirus 3, Human
Academic Article Development of an HSV-1 neutralization test with a glycoprotein D specific antibody for measurement of neutralizing antibody titer in human sera.
Academic Article Outer nuclear membrane fusion of adjacent nuclei in varicella-zoster virus-induced syncytia.
Academic Article A novel combined vaccine based on monochimeric VLP co-displaying multiple conserved epitopes against enterovirus 71 and varicella-zoster virus.
Academic Article Development of a varicella-zoster virus neutralization assay using a glycoprotein K antibody enzyme-linked immunosorbent spot assay.
Academic Article Modulation of host CD59 expression by varicella-zoster virus in human xenografts in vivo.
Academic Article Insights into the function of tegument proteins from the varicella zoster virus.
Academic Article Increasing the Efficiency of CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Precise Genome Editing of HSV-1 Virus in Human Cells.
Academic Article A SCID mouse-human lung xenograft model of varicella-zoster virus infection.
Academic Article Varicella-zoster virus ORF7 interacts with ORF53 and plays a role in its trans-Golgi network localization.
Academic Article Evaluation of immunity to varicella zoster virus with a novel double antigen sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.
Academic Article Serological Evaluation of Immunity to the Varicella-Zoster Virus Based on a Novel Competitive Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay.
Academic Article Intermittent abortive reactivation of Epstein-Barr virus during the progression of nasopharyngeal cancer as indicated by elevated antibody levels.
Academic Article Intratumoral Delivery of a PD-1-Blocking scFv Encoded in Oncolytic HSV-1 Promotes Antitumor Immunity and Synergizes with TIGIT Blockade.
Academic Article Near-atomic cryo-electron microscopy structures of varicella-zoster virus capsids.
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