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Concept Micelles
Academic Article Micellar delivery of flutamide via milk protein nanovehicles enhances its anti-tumor efficacy in androgen-dependent prostate cancer rat model.
Academic Article Spray-dried casein-based micelles as a vehicle for solubilization and controlled delivery of flutamide: formulation, characterization, and in vivo pharmacokinetics.
Academic Article Casein-based micelles: a novel vector for delivery of the poorly soluble anticancer drug, flutamide?
Academic Article Phytosomal bilayer-enveloped casein micelles for codelivery of monascus yellow pigments and resveratrol to breast cancer.
Academic Article Self-assembled amphiphilic zein-lactoferrin micelles for tumor targeted co-delivery of rapamycin and wogonin to breast cancer.
Academic Article Folate conjugated vs PEGylated phytosomal casein nanocarriers for codelivery of fungal- and herbal-derived anticancer drugs.
Grant Synthesis and Evaluation of Drug-Polymer Conjugate Nano-Micelles as Emerging Platform for Targeted Brain Tumor Therapy
Academic Article Lactobionic/Folate Dual-Targeted Amphiphilic Maltodextrin-Based Micelles for Targeted Codelivery of Sulfasalazine and Resveratrol to Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
Academic Article Dual-targeted casein micelles as green nanomedicine for synergistic phytotherapy of hepatocellular carcinoma.
Academic Article Magnetically Guided Self-Assembled Protein Micelles for Enhanced Delivery of Dasatinib to Human Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells.
Academic Article Co-Administration of Tretinoin Enhances the Anti-Cancer Efficacy of Etoposide via Tumor-Targeted Green Nano-Micelles.
Academic Article Combination of magnetic targeting with synergistic inhibition of NF-?B and glutathione via micellar drug nanomedicine enhances its anti-tumor efficacy.
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