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Name Institution Why
Wade G. Regehr, Ph.D.Harvard Medical School Why?
Alexander Rotenberg, Ph.D., M.D.Boston Children's Hospital Why?
Milena Maria Andzelm, M.D., Ph.D.Boston Children's Hospital Why?
Shaomin Li, Ph.D., M.D.Brigham and Women's Hospital Why?
Bernardo Luis Sabatini, Ph.D., M.D.Harvard Medical School Why?
Hannah Twarkowski, Ph.D.Massachusetts General Hospital Why?
Gabriel Kreiman, Ph.D.Boston Children's Hospital Why?
Dominic M. Walsh, Ph.D.Brigham and Women's Hospital Why?
Dennis J. Selkoe, M.D.Brigham and Women's Hospital Why?
Beth Stevens, Ph.D.Boston Children's Hospital Why?
Lasse Dissing-Olesen, Ph.D.Boston Children's Hospital Why?
Johanna Gutlerner, Ph.D.Harvard Medical School Why?
Alvaro Pascual-Leone, Ph.D., M.D.Hebrew Rehabilitation Center Why?
Vadim Bolshakov, Ph.D.McLean Hospital Why?
Michael Eldon Greenberg, Ph.D.Harvard Medical School Why?
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  • Long Term Synaptic Depression
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