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Lauren Beth Doctoroff, M.D.

Concepts (47)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Hospitalists420172981.530 Why?
Outpatient Clinics, Hospital320174071.370 Why?
Patient Discharge6202030301.150 Why?
Continuity of Patient Care4201410481.150 Why?
Academic Medical Centers5201927911.110 Why?
Length of Stay3202062820.820 Why?
Health Services Accessibility3201450280.440 Why?
Hospitalization3202097540.400 Why?
Physician's Role120179770.380 Why?
Personnel Staffing and Scheduling120125150.340 Why?
Models, Statistical2202050320.320 Why?
Patient Readmission3201729870.310 Why?
Ambulatory Care Facilities120128880.290 Why?
Ambulatory Care1201427770.230 Why?
Seasons1202014310.130 Why?
Sex Factors22020106610.130 Why?
Internship and Residency1201456340.130 Why?
Time Factors42020410940.110 Why?
Age Factors22020187980.100 Why?
Aged, 80 and over42020585280.100 Why?
Longitudinal Studies22016136130.090 Why?
Aged720201628620.090 Why?
Middle Aged720202150540.080 Why?
Primary Health Care2201445420.080 Why?
Health Status1202039950.080 Why?
Faculty, Medical1201411630.070 Why?
Male820203513990.070 Why?
Chronic Disease1202090470.070 Why?
Insurance Coverage1201618660.070 Why?
Logistic Models12020136050.070 Why?
Female820203779340.070 Why?
Insurance, Health1201624980.060 Why?
Regression Analysis1201464800.060 Why?
Hospitals1201633720.060 Why?
Humans1020207172800.060 Why?
Attitude of Health Personnel1201639020.050 Why?
Young Adult22019562490.050 Why?
Odds Ratio1201499750.050 Why?
Boston1201494080.050 Why?
Adult520192124700.050 Why?
United States22019678040.050 Why?
Risk Assessment12020235430.040 Why?
Physicians1201643540.040 Why?
General Practice12016950.030 Why?
Risk Factors12020708630.030 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12014393020.030 Why?
Retrospective Studies12017726080.010 Why?
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