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Jennifer Margaret Ni Mhuircheartaigh, Mb.Bch,Bao

Concepts (51)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Fractures, Compression120171010.690 Why?
Cholangitis, Sclerosing120171090.670 Why?
Surgery, Computer-Assisted2201310080.610 Why?
Bone Diseases120173810.580 Why?
Osteoporotic Fractures120172680.580 Why?
Spinal Fractures120176040.470 Why?
Thyroid Nodule120165910.460 Why?
Pancreatic Diseases120123820.440 Why?
Pancreatectomy120127710.380 Why?
Bone and Bones1201724050.340 Why?
Bariatric Surgery120136550.330 Why?
Ultrasonography2201654660.290 Why?
Tomography, X-Ray Computed32017192980.180 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging32017297120.160 Why?
Posterior Cruciate Ligament12015820.160 Why?
Biopsy2201763580.160 Why?
Osteoporosis, Postmenopausal120173660.150 Why?
Scoliosis120174280.140 Why?
Incidental Findings120166300.120 Why?
Absorptiometry, Photon1201714800.120 Why?
Obesity12013105230.120 Why?
Knee Injuries120154250.120 Why?
Postoperative Complications12013139170.120 Why?
Aged, 80 and over42017538800.120 Why?
Lumbar Vertebrae1201715220.100 Why?
Liver Transplantation1201717930.090 Why?
Young Adult42017482220.090 Why?
Retrospective Studies42017543480.090 Why?
Middle Aged620171984590.080 Why?
Radiography1201770410.080 Why?
Kaplan-Meier Estimate1201766530.080 Why?
Aged520171461660.080 Why?
Referral and Consultation1201629130.070 Why?
Contrast Media1201751480.070 Why?
Databases, Factual1201767580.060 Why?
Survival Rate12017125050.060 Why?
Laparoscopy1201219000.060 Why?
Female620173423280.060 Why?
Sensitivity and Specificity12017148280.060 Why?
Boston1201289140.050 Why?
Humans720176097860.050 Why?
Male520173241950.050 Why?
Adult420171937510.050 Why?
Treatment Outcome22013547930.050 Why?
Prognosis12017259660.040 Why?
Prevalence12012135430.040 Why?
Off-Road Motor Vehicles12015190.040 Why?
Taiwan120154890.040 Why?
Risk Factors12017630070.030 Why?
Adolescent22015770190.030 Why?
Child12015624250.010 Why?
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