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Lydia Anne Helliwell, M.D.

Concepts (54)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
General Surgery1202316300.400 Why?
Free Tissue Flaps220233140.330 Why?
Internship and Residency2202357610.270 Why?
Cancer Care Facilities120204010.160 Why?
Hand Deformities, Acquired12017360.150 Why?
Surgery, Plastic220216040.140 Why?
Carcinoma, Basal Cell120205430.130 Why?
Contracture120172230.120 Why?
Hand Injuries120172420.120 Why?
Venous Thrombosis1202312320.120 Why?
Bombs12013720.110 Why?
Breast Implantation120152140.100 Why?
Blast Injuries120132980.090 Why?
Surgical Flaps2201716270.090 Why?
Lower Extremity3202311450.080 Why?
Clinical Competence1202346710.080 Why?
Breast1201519500.070 Why?
Burns1201718080.070 Why?
Telemedicine1202228440.070 Why?
Mammaplasty1201511850.060 Why?
Carcinoma, Squamous Cell1202040130.060 Why?
Patient Satisfaction1201533820.050 Why?
Retrospective Studies42023766320.050 Why?
Prospective Studies22023530360.050 Why?
Skin Neoplasms1202056320.050 Why?
Wounds and Injuries1201323950.050 Why?
United States32023695680.050 Why?
Organizations, Nonprofit120201040.050 Why?
Employment1202211190.030 Why?
Income1202218770.030 Why?
Humans1020237392190.030 Why?
Rural Population1202221810.030 Why?
Skin Transplantation1201710730.030 Why?
Mass Casualty Incidents120131810.020 Why?
Multiple Trauma120133660.020 Why?
Guideline Adherence1202022610.020 Why?
Treatment Outcome32023626910.020 Why?
Trauma Centers120138880.020 Why?
Female320233788080.020 Why?
Patient Preference120158810.020 Why?
Breast Neoplasms12015206720.020 Why?
Skin1202043240.020 Why?
Mastectomy1201517820.020 Why?
Triage120139750.020 Why?
Neoplasm Staging12020109610.020 Why?
Male120233489670.020 Why?
Practice Guidelines as Topic1202072740.010 Why?
Time Factors22015400400.010 Why?
Postoperative Complications12023151910.010 Why?
Boston1201393140.010 Why?
Adult220172133750.010 Why?
Middle Aged220152128330.010 Why?
Child12017770290.010 Why?
Young Adult12013562520.000 Why?
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