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Jana Jarolimova, M.D.

Concepts (93)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Trichomonas Infections22023431.760 Why?
Gonorrhea220233311.320 Why?
Sexually Transmitted Diseases320235951.230 Why?
HIV Infections72023164220.820 Why?
Chlamydia Infections120223610.650 Why?
Pregnancy, Unplanned12018840.620 Why?
Contraception Behavior120181780.580 Why?
Case Management120182860.570 Why?
South Africa5202316720.520 Why?
Continuity of Patient Care1202110530.480 Why?
Attitude of Health Personnel2202138440.360 Why?
Malaria1201812260.330 Why?
Rural Population1201821810.320 Why?
Uganda3201812080.270 Why?
Referral and Consultation1201834950.270 Why?
Contraceptive Agents120211400.180 Why?
Trust220225010.180 Why?
Contact Tracing120222680.180 Why?
Arthralgia120234480.180 Why?
Africa South of the Sahara120227150.170 Why?
Contraception120213440.160 Why?
Financial Support120181150.150 Why?
Prevalence32023151250.150 Why?
Hip Joint120239960.140 Why?
Financial Management120181590.140 Why?
Safety1202111900.140 Why?
Community Health Services120216460.140 Why?
Family Planning Services120182450.140 Why?
Arthritis, Infectious120203600.140 Why?
Anemia, Sickle Cell1202310100.130 Why?
Influenza Vaccines120227480.130 Why?
Communicable Diseases120228630.110 Why?
Prospective Studies42022528060.110 Why?
Anti-Retroviral Agents1202216970.110 Why?
Fever1202015950.110 Why?
Needs Assessment1201811430.110 Why?
Postpartum Period1201810640.110 Why?
Tuberculosis, Pulmonary120188080.100 Why?
Refugees120185080.100 Why?
Influenza, Human1202214840.100 Why?
Lumbar Vertebrae1202018380.090 Why?
Pregnancy32022288500.090 Why?
Antitubercular Agents1201813200.090 Why?
Female1020233785100.090 Why?
Adult920232132830.080 Why?
Public Health1202225690.080 Why?
Anti-HIV Agents1202342200.080 Why?
Humans1420237369400.070 Why?
Education, Medical1201817080.070 Why?
Male920233490250.070 Why?
Developing Countries1201827620.070 Why?
Pandemics2202281680.070 Why?
Incidence12023208830.060 Why?
Health Personnel1201831800.060 Why?
Primary Health Care1202145310.060 Why?
Bone Morphogenetic Proteins120098390.060 Why?
Longitudinal Studies12018138370.050 Why?
Young Adult32023562390.050 Why?
Transforming Growth Factor beta1200919960.050 Why?
Adolescent32023852250.050 Why?
Drosophila melanogaster1200917120.050 Why?
Drosophila Proteins1200917100.050 Why?
Homeostasis1200933510.040 Why?
Energy Metabolism1200929110.040 Why?
Confusion120202690.040 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies32023245980.040 Why?
Interpersonal Relations1202114170.030 Why?
Arthroscopy120209150.030 Why?
Qualitative Research1202126390.030 Why?
Fat Body12009320.020 Why?
Retrospective Studies12018762000.020 Why?
Vaccination1202232110.020 Why?
Tuberculosis1202218840.020 Why?
Psychometrics1201829860.020 Why?
Pain1202348870.020 Why?
Patient Acceptance of Health Care1202229950.020 Why?
Larva120095120.020 Why?
Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice1202239000.020 Why?
Students, Medical1201818430.020 Why?
Curriculum1201835480.020 Why?
Hospitals1201838390.020 Why?
Health Care Costs1201831950.020 Why?
Diagnosis, Differential12020129940.020 Why?
Reproducibility of Results12021197770.010 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents1202070880.010 Why?
Health Services Accessibility1201851150.010 Why?
Lipid Metabolism1200919670.010 Why?
Aged, 80 and over12020577380.010 Why?
Models, Biological1200996150.010 Why?
Magnetic Resonance Imaging12020352560.010 Why?
Signal Transduction12009234260.000 Why?
Mutation12009298440.000 Why?
Animals120091687350.000 Why?
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