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Rachel Constance Vanderkruik, M.A.

Concepts (70)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Cognitive Dissonance1201770.780 Why?
Puerperal Disorders120172580.630 Why?
Education120175200.590 Why?
Depression, Postpartum120152440.550 Why?
Body Image120175340.530 Why?
Peer Group120175370.530 Why?
Leadership1201710380.410 Why?
Wetlands1200780.390 Why?
Marine Biology12007180.390 Why?
Brachyura12007200.380 Why?
Petroleum12007730.380 Why?
Breast Feeding1201512550.370 Why?
Pregnancy Complications3201826130.360 Why?
Terminology as Topic1201316260.330 Why?
Psychotic Disorders1201723070.310 Why?
Water Pollutants, Chemical120072360.310 Why?
Disasters120074660.250 Why?
Environmental Monitoring1200713650.220 Why?
Morbidity2201314110.200 Why?
Self-Help Groups120171880.170 Why?
Cooperative Behavior2201215780.150 Why?
Pregnancy52018226200.150 Why?
Classification120131330.140 Why?
Maternal Welfare120131410.140 Why?
Self Care120198140.140 Why?
Universities120176760.130 Why?
Mood Disorders1201910210.130 Why?
Postpartum Period120177260.130 Why?
Delphi Technique120134470.130 Why?
World Health Organization2201311310.120 Why?
Qualitative Research1201716590.120 Why?
Patient Preference120177260.120 Why?
Students1201712290.100 Why?
Quality Improvement2201229630.100 Why?
Social Support1201719380.090 Why?
Seawater12007890.090 Why?
Anemia, Sickle Cell120128020.080 Why?
Geography120076020.080 Why?
Anxiety1201528090.060 Why?
Population Surveillance1201326670.060 Why?
Prevalence12017132290.060 Why?
Body Weight1201246930.060 Why?
Female720183376860.060 Why?
Quality Assurance, Health Care1201223610.060 Why?
Depression1201856380.060 Why?
Health Promotion1201219450.060 Why?
Incidence12017184120.050 Why?
Quality of Life1201785740.050 Why?
Humans1120196024210.050 Why?
Therapy, Computer-Assisted120183010.040 Why?
Severity of Illness Index12013145460.040 Why?
Healthy People Programs12012600.030 Why?
Hemoglobinopathies12012850.030 Why?
Young Adult12017472260.030 Why?
Maternal Mortality120132530.030 Why?
Time Factors12013402610.030 Why?
Neoplasms12017163990.030 Why?
Psychotherapy1201813920.030 Why?
Counseling1201713510.030 Why?
Models, Organizational120125670.030 Why?
Adult220171912240.020 Why?
Risk Assessment12007206940.020 Why?
Male220173199540.020 Why?
Practice Guidelines as Topic1201868680.010 Why?
Stress, Psychological1201537580.010 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1201223090.010 Why?
United States22012559490.010 Why?
Animals120071658780.010 Why?
Treatment Outcome12012539630.010 Why?
Middle Aged120171955180.000 Why?
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