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Kyeong Jae Lee, Ph.D.

Concepts (85)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Smoke220212280.330 Why?
Aerosols320226250.230 Why?
Inhalation Exposure320214430.130 Why?
Emphysema120152450.110 Why?
Naphthalenes220031940.100 Why?
Administration, Inhalation5202211160.090 Why?
Tobacco Smoke Pollution120158180.080 Why?
Heart1202044230.070 Why?
Nicotine320216790.070 Why?
Excipients12006950.070 Why?
Lung4202198640.070 Why?
Flavoring Agents12006520.070 Why?
Mice, Inbred Strains3202218290.070 Why?
Apolipoproteins E2202114380.060 Why?
Environmental Exposure1201942580.060 Why?
Toxicity Tests, Chronic1200370.060 Why?
Vanadium Compounds1200390.060 Why?
Atherosclerosis1202034430.060 Why?
Respiratory System120065560.050 Why?
Organ Size4201522440.050 Why?
Propylene Glycol12022320.050 Why?
Carboxyhemoglobin22015810.050 Why?
Air Pollutants1201528150.050 Why?
Respiratory Function Tests2202116180.050 Why?
Glycerol120222800.050 Why?
Carcinogens120034650.050 Why?
Delayed-Action Preparations120029670.040 Why?
Rats, Inbred F344320038620.040 Why?
Smoking2202189930.040 Why?
Hydrogels120027250.040 Why?
Mouth Mucosa120194340.030 Why?
Cotinine120152060.030 Why?
L-Lactate Dehydrogenase120154200.030 Why?
Cardiovascular Diseases12020151670.030 Why?
Biocompatible Materials1200217300.030 Why?
Alpha-Globulins22003280.030 Why?
Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid120157700.030 Why?
Adrenal Glands120155470.030 Why?
Animals920221684340.030 Why?
Mice52022809990.030 Why?
Adenoma1200321730.030 Why?
Solvents220033030.030 Why?
Dose-Response Relationship, Drug42006109250.020 Why?
Carcinoma1200323790.020 Why?
Cell Count1201518550.020 Why?
Kidney2200371280.020 Why?
Rats52006242020.020 Why?
Oxidative Stress1202030850.020 Why?
Mutagenicity Tests12006460.020 Why?
Myocardium1202047120.020 Why?
Kidney Neoplasms1200342430.020 Why?
Salmonella120061290.020 Why?
Female820223798750.020 Why?
Mice, Knockout12020145110.020 Why?
Carcinogenicity Tests12003410.010 Why?
Hyalin12003370.010 Why?
Disease Progression12020132490.010 Why?
Polyglactin 91012002580.010 Why?
Respiratory Mechanics120066860.010 Why?
Solutions120024260.010 Why?
Kidney Tubules, Proximal120034090.010 Why?
Cytokines1201573330.010 Why?
Absorbable Implants120023420.010 Why?
Sex Factors22003104030.010 Why?
Area Under Curve1200316450.010 Why?
Cell Differentiation12015114640.010 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL12015217730.010 Why?
Chondrocytes120028030.010 Why?
Polyethylene Glycols1200211810.010 Why?
Drug Therapy, Combination1200664820.010 Why?
Rabbits1200248920.010 Why?
Body Weight1200646840.010 Why?
Cell Division1200345680.010 Why?
Rats, Sprague-Dawley1200682790.010 Why?
Male520223497710.010 Why?
Polymers1200216190.010 Why?
Cartilage, Articular1200210950.010 Why?
Tissue Engineering1200218830.010 Why?
Blood Glucose1200262630.000 Why?
Insulin1200265830.000 Why?
Models, Biological1200395560.000 Why?
Proteins1200260950.000 Why?
Age Factors12003183600.000 Why?
Diabetes Mellitus1200257430.000 Why?
Humans120197435210.000 Why?
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