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Hannah A Grunwald, Ph.D.

Concepts (53)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Gene Conversion32021691.650 Why?
Homozygote1201917350.470 Why?
Heterozygote1201927380.400 Why?
Germ-Line Mutation1201917640.380 Why?
Zebrafish Proteins220199810.210 Why?
Rats, Transgenic12021730.200 Why?
Positive Transcriptional Elongation Factor B12019420.180 Why?
Breeding12019490.170 Why?
Monophenol Monooxygenase12019670.170 Why?
Multipotent Stem Cells120191960.160 Why?
Chromosomes, Mammalian120191470.160 Why?
DNA Breaks, Double-Stranded220215710.160 Why?
Mice, Transgenic2202194660.150 Why?
Neural Crest120192710.150 Why?
Integrases120195100.140 Why?
Locomotion120183750.130 Why?
Transgenes1201910020.130 Why?
Embryo, Mammalian1201916470.110 Why?
Neural Stem Cells120198580.100 Why?
Cell Lineage1201924620.090 Why?
Dopamine1201815590.090 Why?
Alleles1201967950.080 Why?
Rats12021236440.060 Why?
Mice32021795480.060 Why?
Nuclear Proteins1201957350.060 Why?
Animals, Genetically Modified2201915460.060 Why?
Disease Models, Animal22019177000.050 Why?
Animals520211654790.050 Why?
Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity1201836490.050 Why?
Technology120232890.050 Why?
Transcription Factors12019119490.040 Why?
Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 912019640.040 Why?
Meiosis120213240.040 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental2202135510.040 Why?
Germ Cells120216260.040 Why?
Zebrafish2201929670.040 Why?
Receptors, Dopamine120182930.040 Why?
Dopamine Antagonists120182870.040 Why?
Embryo, Nonmammalian120198960.030 Why?
Larva120185070.030 Why?
Minority Groups1202311840.030 Why?
Genetic Engineering120219320.030 Why?
RNA Polymerase II120195390.030 Why?
Dopamine Agonists120183480.030 Why?
Body Patterning120196250.030 Why?
Multiprotein Complexes1201911100.030 Why?
DNA Repair1202119970.030 Why?
Gene Expression1202175780.020 Why?
Female320233767080.020 Why?
Male220213461690.020 Why?
Cell Differentiation12019113130.010 Why?
Time Factors12018392120.010 Why?
Humans120237354580.000 Why?
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