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Tim Wang, D.M.D.

Concepts (97)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Surgery, Oral1020221464.860 Why?
Analgesics, Opioid6202335961.170 Why?
Facial Injuries120231830.810 Why?
Appointments and Schedules120214150.590 Why?
Geriatrics120193950.490 Why?
Drug Prescriptions5202316340.490 Why?
Patient Care120196350.450 Why?
Coronavirus Infections2202031310.420 Why?
Pneumonia, Viral2202032360.420 Why?
Mandibular Fractures22022740.410 Why?
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act1202112050.390 Why?
Telemedicine3202328020.390 Why?
Pandemics3202081680.380 Why?
Wounds and Injuries1202323940.370 Why?
Prescriptions220233680.360 Why?
Trauma Centers320238880.340 Why?
Medicaid1202127010.320 Why?
Oral Health220214670.270 Why?
Opioid-Related Disorders1202020330.260 Why?
Randomized Controlled Trials as Topic1202097570.230 Why?
Serum Albumin220236720.210 Why?
Kentucky12021830.200 Why?
Orthognathic Surgery12022290.200 Why?
Dental Clinics12021270.200 Why?
Hypoalbuminemia12021810.190 Why?
Molar, Third12021490.190 Why?
Orthognathic Surgical Procedures120221120.180 Why?
Pain, Postoperative2202016160.180 Why?
Insurance120211080.180 Why?
Humans2920237369400.170 Why?
Financing, Personal120203090.160 Why?
Mentors120226300.150 Why?
Mandible120217260.150 Why?
Sample Size120208320.150 Why?
Internship and Residency3202257250.140 Why?
Retrospective Studies102023762000.140 Why?
Triage120239760.140 Why?
Patient Transfer120227550.130 Why?
Postoperative Period1202018300.130 Why?
Tetracyclines12014610.120 Why?
Enterococcus faecalis120152480.120 Why?
United States72022693620.120 Why?
Rural Population1202321810.110 Why?
Drug Resistance, Microbial120158600.100 Why?
Fear1202014180.100 Why?
Massachusetts1202386690.090 Why?
Data Interpretation, Statistical1202027270.090 Why?
Head and Neck Neoplasms1202327000.090 Why?
Evidence-Based Medicine1202136130.080 Why?
Sleep Apnea, Obstructive1202218310.080 Why?
Anti-Bacterial Agents2201570880.070 Why?
Emergency Service, Hospital2202275840.070 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1202031210.060 Why?
Adult420232132830.060 Why?
Health Services Accessibility1202151150.060 Why?
Cross-Sectional Studies22022245980.060 Why?
Medicare1202164400.060 Why?
Hypertension1202283800.050 Why?
Hospitals1201538390.050 Why?
Facial Bones120222000.050 Why?
Aged420221626790.050 Why?
Postoperative Complications42023151180.040 Why?
Education, Medical, Graduate2202222630.040 Why?
Dental Care120212570.040 Why?
Office Visits120216040.040 Why?
Face120229840.040 Why?
Lewis Acids1201450.030 Why?
Alkylation12014860.030 Why?
Male220233490250.030 Why?
Directed Molecular Evolution120151560.030 Why?
Minocycline120151620.030 Why?
Chromosomes, Bacterial120152830.030 Why?
Gram-Positive Bacteria120141850.030 Why?
Fellowships and Scholarships1202210480.030 Why?
Female220233785100.030 Why?
Gram-Negative Bacteria120142720.030 Why?
Mutagenesis, Insertional120156580.030 Why?
Students1202216170.030 Why?
ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters120155630.030 Why?
Ribosomes120155190.030 Why?
Regulatory Sequences, Nucleic Acid120157830.030 Why?
Risk Factors32023717840.020 Why?
Sequence Deletion1201515350.020 Why?
Gene Dosage1201512630.020 Why?
Molecular Structure1201419280.020 Why?
Internet1202230420.020 Why?
Treatment Outcome32022625010.020 Why?
Microbial Sensitivity Tests1201418530.020 Why?
Adaptation, Physiological1201513110.020 Why?
Length of Stay1202262860.020 Why?
Alleles1201569450.010 Why?
Base Sequence12015128640.010 Why?
Molecular Sequence Data12015181760.010 Why?
Bacterial Proteins1201538690.010 Why?
Infant, Newborn12021254280.010 Why?
Phenotype12015163750.010 Why?
Prospective Studies12022528060.010 Why?
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