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Michael Baird, M.D.

Concepts (49)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Orthopedics120228980.440 Why?
Orthopedic Procedures1202212830.410 Why?
Military Medicine120231780.200 Why?
Relief Work120221360.190 Why?
Giant Cell Tumors12021990.190 Why?
Phantom Limb12022840.190 Why?
Mass Casualty Incidents120231790.190 Why?
Nerve Transfer120221070.190 Why?
Earthquakes120221770.180 Why?
Bone Diseases, Metabolic120234180.170 Why?
Wounds and Injuries2202323940.160 Why?
Arthritis, Infectious120213600.150 Why?
Disasters120225090.140 Why?
Shoulder Joint120236930.140 Why?
Joint Instability120237920.130 Why?
Military Personnel1202311060.120 Why?
Spinal Fusion1202112270.110 Why?
Afghan Campaign 2001-220232700.090 Why?
Osteoarthritis, Knee1201612060.070 Why?
Arthroplasty, Replacement, Knee1201614420.070 Why?
Pulmonary Embolism1201823700.070 Why?
Weight Loss1201625950.070 Why?
Thrombosis1201829640.060 Why?
Afghanistan12023780.060 Why?
Acromion12023280.060 Why?
Anticoagulants1201845380.060 Why?
Lumbar Vertebrae2202118380.050 Why?
Haiti120225390.050 Why?
Knee120212750.040 Why?
Patient Positioning120213230.040 Why?
Body Mass Index12016126350.040 Why?
Diskectomy120202050.040 Why?
Peripheral Nerves120224760.040 Why?
Extremities120228500.040 Why?
Needs Assessment1202211430.040 Why?
Humans1020237369400.030 Why?
Knee Joint1202116680.030 Why?
Retrospective Studies42023762000.030 Why?
Postoperative Period1201618300.030 Why?
Tomography, X-Ray Computed22023200510.020 Why?
Male320213490250.010 Why?
Adult220212132830.010 Why?
United States12023693620.010 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12016389370.010 Why?
Time Factors12016401310.010 Why?
Young Adult12018562390.010 Why?
Female220183785100.010 Why?
Aged120211626790.010 Why?
Middle Aged120162131150.000 Why?
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