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Martina Spiljar, Ph.D.

Concepts (38)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Encephalomyelitis, Autoimmune, Experimental220228341.120 Why?
Multiple Sclerosis1202230760.310 Why?
Th17 Cells220227650.260 Why?
Polyamines120221200.210 Why?
PPAR alpha120211960.180 Why?
Glutamine120225740.170 Why?
Adoptive Transfer120218440.170 Why?
Cold Temperature120227740.160 Why?
Fatty Liver120217280.130 Why?
Autoimmunity1202113480.120 Why?
Intestines1202119230.110 Why?
Osteoporosis1202015810.090 Why?
CD4-Positive T-Lymphocytes1202243790.090 Why?
Mice, Inbred C57BL22021218210.070 Why?
Animals620221685610.070 Why?
Mice52022810450.060 Why?
Pancreatic Neoplasms1202152490.060 Why?
Veillonellaceae1202170.050 Why?
Acclimatization120221030.050 Why?
Bacteroidetes12021820.050 Why?
Intestinal Absorption120214200.050 Why?
Postprandial Period120212920.050 Why?
Thermogenesis120224290.040 Why?
Ovariectomy120206600.040 Why?
RNA, Ribosomal, 16S120219470.040 Why?
Adipose Tissue, Brown120227540.030 Why?
Eating1202115350.030 Why?
Triglycerides1202124500.030 Why?
Lipid Metabolism1202118870.030 Why?
Adiposity1202118060.030 Why?
Mice, Transgenic1202197350.020 Why?
Pilot Projects1202182970.020 Why?
Humans420227420880.020 Why?
Cells, Cultured12020192230.020 Why?
Diet1202179230.010 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation12021120710.010 Why?
Signal Transduction12021233870.010 Why?
Male220213495380.010 Why?
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