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Lydia Chevalier, Ph.D.

Concepts (81)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Neoplasms72023216830.520 Why?
Clergy12015830.470 Why?
Religion and Medicine120151630.450 Why?
Professional Competence120154470.400 Why?
Sexual Behavior1202120570.400 Why?
Interdisciplinary Communication120159500.330 Why?
Health Services Needs and Demand1201514110.280 Why?
Parent-Child Relations220207470.260 Why?
Anxiety4202342970.230 Why?
Anxiety Disorders3202326900.210 Why?
Health Personnel1201532180.200 Why?
Veterans1201525190.190 Why?
Young Adult62023564300.150 Why?
Parenting220206790.150 Why?
Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders1202319530.140 Why?
Mental Disorders1201566000.130 Why?
Sleep2202146230.120 Why?
Survivors2202222910.120 Why?
Child Behavior120208390.120 Why?
Central Nervous System Neoplasms120228950.110 Why?
Emotions2202226610.110 Why?
Suicidal Ideation1202212480.110 Why?
Employee Performance Appraisal12013870.110 Why?
Psychiatric Department, Hospital120131350.110 Why?
Internet3201430640.110 Why?
Computer-Assisted Instruction120143650.090 Why?
Parents2202134070.090 Why?
Focus Groups1201513210.090 Why?
Computer Simulation2201361960.090 Why?
Early Detection of Cancer1202330860.080 Why?
Medical Staff, Hospital120136030.080 Why?
Education, Medical, Continuing120148400.080 Why?
Arousal1201411650.080 Why?
Child72022777090.080 Why?
Humans1620237443430.070 Why?
Adolescent52022857810.070 Why?
Sleep Initiation and Maintenance Disorders1201510040.070 Why?
Suicide1201514770.060 Why?
Learning1201417130.060 Why?
Depression1202377660.060 Why?
Brain Injuries1201520250.050 Why?
Depressive Disorder1201537480.050 Why?
Referral and Consultation1201535280.050 Why?
Male820233501180.050 Why?
Adult720222140550.050 Why?
Psychiatry1201316950.050 Why?
Female820233801940.050 Why?
Quality of Life12021128040.050 Why?
Decision Making1201338870.040 Why?
Information Systems120214100.040 Why?
Clinical Competence1201346870.040 Why?
Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic1201542660.040 Why?
Prospective Studies12021532880.040 Why?
Risk Assessment22013233380.030 Why?
Violence120139090.020 Why?
Neoplasm Recurrence, Local2202292390.020 Why?
Feasibility Studies1201450780.010 Why?
Middle Aged220152133830.010 Why?
Academic Medical Centers1201327590.010 Why?
Curriculum1201436050.010 Why?
Massachusetts1201386630.010 Why?
Child, Preschool32020410060.010 Why?
Eye Neoplasms119803130.010 Why?
Retinoblastoma119803180.010 Why?
Lymphatic Diseases119743240.010 Why?
Vincristine1197410390.010 Why?
Prednisone1197415740.010 Why?
Methotrexate1197417270.000 Why?
Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation119808760.000 Why?
Remission, Spontaneous119743820.000 Why?
Drug Evaluation119746470.000 Why?
Neoplasm Metastasis1198048510.000 Why?
Risk1198096870.000 Why?
Sex Factors11980103970.000 Why?
Time Factors21980400750.000 Why?
Drug Therapy, Combination1197464890.000 Why?
Clinical Trials as Topic1197479130.000 Why?
Antineoplastic Agents11980136950.000 Why?
Prognosis11974290630.000 Why?
Infant11974351360.000 Why?
Retrospective Studies11980774490.000 Why?
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