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Justine Bellier, Ph.D.

Concepts (89)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Pyruvaldehyde52020202.100 Why?
Free Radical Scavengers120202310.730 Why?
Glycolysis620208010.500 Why?
Proto-Oncogene Proteins p21(ras)1202015990.470 Why?
Diabetes Complications1201913860.430 Why?
Oxidative Stress1201930590.330 Why?
Colorectal Neoplasms3202063760.290 Why?
Carnosine22020110.250 Why?
Stromal Cells2201713570.220 Why?
Stress, Physiological2202014140.200 Why?
HSP27 Heat-Shock Proteins12020590.200 Why?
Carcinoma, Pancreatic Ductal2201914840.170 Why?
Mice, Inbred NOD2202018960.170 Why?
Mice, SCID2202028230.160 Why?
Glycosylation1202011130.160 Why?
Clone Cells1202017850.150 Why?
Langerhans Cells120161750.150 Why?
Cell Proliferation42020106210.140 Why?
Transforming Growth Factor beta1120196130.140 Why?
Mutation12020284950.140 Why?
Lymphocyte Count120177970.140 Why?
Extracellular Matrix Proteins120198360.130 Why?
Lactoylglutathione Lyase32019220.130 Why?
Alphapapillomavirus120162060.130 Why?
Cell Line, Tumor62020167570.130 Why?
Neoplasms22019196340.130 Why?
Meta-Analysis as Topic1201913490.130 Why?
Enzyme Activation1202038890.120 Why?
Calcium-Binding Proteins1201810890.120 Why?
Head and Neck Neoplasms2201726150.120 Why?
Muscle Proteins1201812250.110 Why?
Carcinoma, Squamous Cell2201738930.110 Why?
Pancreatic Neoplasms2201949790.110 Why?
MAP Kinase Signaling System1201915720.110 Why?
Metabolome120178180.110 Why?
Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-akt1202025330.100 Why?
Hyperglycemia1201913060.100 Why?
Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinases1202028440.100 Why?
Forkhead Transcription Factors1201715300.100 Why?
Cell Movement2201954550.090 Why?
Up-Regulation1201943180.090 Why?
Glucose1201740510.070 Why?
Gene Expression Regulation, Neoplastic2201985880.070 Why?
Mitochondria1201835330.070 Why?
Animals620201667920.060 Why?
Liver Neoplasms1201739740.060 Why?
Membrane Proteins1201880250.050 Why?
Adenocarcinoma1201863450.050 Why?
Xenograft Model Antitumor Assays2201936990.050 Why?
Receptors, Vitronectin12019580.050 Why?
Dual-Specificity Phosphatases12019730.050 Why?
Smad1 Protein12019910.050 Why?
T-Lymphocytes12017102810.050 Why?
RNA, Small Interfering2201935870.050 Why?
Focal Adhesion Protein-Tyrosine Kinases120191740.040 Why?
Disease Models, Animal12017179530.040 Why?
Subcellular Fractions120195670.040 Why?
Chick Embryo120199720.040 Why?
Aged, 80 and over22020577530.040 Why?
Oxidative Phosphorylation120184800.040 Why?
NF-E2-Related Factor 2120173100.040 Why?
Hypoxia-Inducible Factor 1, alpha Subunit120195980.040 Why?
Chickens120178750.030 Why?
Humans1020206857780.030 Why?
Survival Analysis22019104750.030 Why?
Gene Knockdown Techniques1201916820.030 Why?
Aged320201594030.030 Why?
Breast Neoplasms12019191600.030 Why?
Gene Silencing1201916230.030 Why?
Cell Death1201717090.030 Why?
Adenosine Triphosphate1201821510.030 Why?
Down-Regulation1201930990.030 Why?
Adult320202077940.030 Why?
Middle Aged320202116470.030 Why?
Autophagy1201812790.020 Why?
Tumor Cells, Cultured1201766370.020 Why?
Fluorodeoxyglucose F181201719470.020 Why?
Male320203452010.020 Why?
Energy Metabolism1201829180.020 Why?
Prognosis22017284530.020 Why?
Cohort Studies22017385390.020 Why?
Pyrimidines1201728890.020 Why?
Gene Expression Profiling1201994310.010 Why?
Neoplasm Staging12017110210.010 Why?
Mice22019791280.010 Why?
Positron-Emission Tomography1201760080.010 Why?
Phenotype12017158790.010 Why?
Signal Transduction12019236710.010 Why?
Female320193687060.010 Why?
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