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Asaf Maoz, M.D.

Concepts (101)

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Name Number of Publications Most Recent Publication Publications by All Authors Concept Score Why?
Neoplasms, Squamous Cell120211050.850 Why?
ras Proteins1201711170.420 Why?
Ovarian Neoplasms4202045940.420 Why?
Troponin T120157180.400 Why?
Proto-Oncogene Proteins p21(ras)1201715900.380 Why?
Tumor Microenvironment2202026980.370 Why?
Protein Kinase Inhibitors2201952160.290 Why?
Colorectal Neoplasms2202063600.250 Why?
T-Lymphocytes12021102800.250 Why?
Brain Ischemia1201531600.210 Why?
Fanconi Anemia Complementation Group Proteins120201020.200 Why?
RNA Helicases120201290.200 Why?
Lung Neoplasms22021120520.200 Why?
Ketotifen12019250.190 Why?
Chalazion12019130.190 Why?
Histamine H1 Antagonists120191060.180 Why?
Microsatellite Repeats120208130.170 Why?
Conjunctivitis120191470.170 Why?
Membranes, Artificial120193690.170 Why?
Antineoplastic Agents22019135690.160 Why?
Clinical Trials, Phase II as Topic120196030.160 Why?
Pancreatic Cyst120203530.160 Why?
Cystadenocarcinoma, Serous120204510.160 Why?
Clinical Trials, Phase III as Topic120197930.150 Why?
Gastroenterology120205090.130 Why?
Stroke1201588590.130 Why?
Disease Susceptibility1201917640.120 Why?
Thrombocytopenia1201911040.110 Why?
Neoplasms, Glandular and Epithelial120164890.110 Why?
Neoplasm Staging32020110260.100 Why?
Renal Dialysis1201916280.100 Why?
Guideline Adherence1202022970.090 Why?
Antineoplastic Combined Chemotherapy Protocols22020110200.090 Why?
Lymph Nodes1201933330.080 Why?
Disease Progression22021130070.080 Why?
Crohn Disease1201922160.080 Why?
Multiple Myeloma2202048960.070 Why?
Proto-Oncogene Proteins1201746560.060 Why?
Humans1420216853600.060 Why?
Pancreatic Neoplasms1202049730.060 Why?
Female1020213686870.060 Why?
Prognosis22020284620.060 Why?
Disease Models, Animal12019179550.050 Why?
Cell Line, Tumor12017167600.050 Why?
Lost to Follow-Up12020980.050 Why?
Spain120204500.050 Why?
Cricetulus120208390.040 Why?
Sterilization120191320.040 Why?
Phthalazines120203270.040 Why?
Ophthalmic Solutions120193010.040 Why?
CHO Cells1202014250.040 Why?
Disease-Free Survival2202070210.040 Why?
Aged, 80 and over32020577820.040 Why?
Carboplatin120207770.040 Why?
Middle Aged720202116540.040 Why?
Platelet Count120197780.040 Why?
Microsatellite Instability120206790.040 Why?
Sulfones120194460.040 Why?
Male620213452650.040 Why?
Mutation22020284870.040 Why?
Drug Synergism1202018640.040 Why?
Incidental Findings120206540.040 Why?
SEER Program1202015410.040 Why?
Aged520201594000.030 Why?
Lymphocytes, Tumor-Infiltrating1202010400.030 Why?
BRCA2 Protein120196740.030 Why?
Cisplatin1202016560.030 Why?
BRCA1 Protein1202010090.030 Why?
Propensity Score1202016730.030 Why?
Minority Groups120209950.030 Why?
PTEN Phosphohydrolase1201911410.030 Why?
Breast Neoplasms12019191540.030 Why?
Retrospective Studies42020678380.030 Why?
Polymers1201915610.030 Why?
Amyloidosis120197230.030 Why?
Gene Frequency1201936530.030 Why?
Case-Control Studies22020214610.030 Why?
Chemotherapy, Adjuvant1202034470.030 Why?
Biocompatible Materials1201916780.030 Why?
Animals220201669050.030 Why?
Drug Design1201611050.030 Why?
Neoadjuvant Therapy1202024290.020 Why?
Cell Survival1202060480.020 Why?
Piperazines1202025870.020 Why?
Molecular Targeted Therapy1202028250.020 Why?
Survival Rate12020131950.020 Why?
Proportional Hazards Models12020122670.020 Why?
Healthcare Disparities1202029220.020 Why?
Cell Proliferation12020106170.020 Why?
Patient Selection1201642420.020 Why?
Age Factors12020187750.020 Why?
Health Services Accessibility1202048780.020 Why?
United States22020655690.010 Why?
Practice Guidelines as Topic1202074410.010 Why?
Adult320202077560.010 Why?
DNA-Binding Proteins1201996880.010 Why?
Treatment Outcome22019600900.010 Why?
Follow-Up Studies12020388120.010 Why?
Cohort Studies12020385170.010 Why?
Neoplasm Recurrence, Local1201685700.010 Why?
Genetic Predisposition to Disease12019169940.010 Why?
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